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Jun 4, 2012

Meghan Torjussen Is Certain The Heat-Celtics Game Ended In A Tie [VIDEO]

We made the normal background inspections into this Portland, Maine newscaster chick Meghan Torjussen who is getting killed this afternoon on the Internet for her report that last night's Celtics-Heat Game 4 ended in a tie. It seems Meghan isn't the normal sportscaster. She handles hard news in Maine. School board reports. However, she went to Boston U., is from New Jersey and 'LIKES' Anchorman. She's now infamous for all the wrong reasons. JUMP!

Jun 4, 2012

Jimmer Fredette Wedding Photos Including The Tongue Shot!

It's all over, Jimmer Fredette's virginity (if you believe his first night was on his wedding night) is history. The Kings shooting guard and his girlfriend Whitney Wonnacott got married Friday night after causing a UFO scare on Thursday night during their rehearsal dinner. Not kidding. Had half of Colorado terrified that there were UFOs in the sky. Nope, just flaming luminaries. Again, not kidding, these idiots released flames into the sky in Colorado. JUMP!

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Jun 4, 2012

Avett Brothers New Tambourine Player This Summer Is Dirk Nowitzki [Morning Twitpic]

The tambourines on "I And Love And You" have never sounded so sweet as they did this weekend when everyone's favorite German 7-footer stood in with the Avetts. Should we even be surprised Dirk is an Avetts fan? Um, of course not. Biggest panty dropping tour of the summer. Chicks just ripping off clothes at the sound of a banjo. Shaking their asses to the stand-up bass. Cheerleaders finally banging band dorks playing weird instruments. Viva Avetts! Let's get rolling!

Jun 3, 2012

Dirk Nowitski Played The Tambourine At An Indie Rock Concert [PHOTOS]

Dirk Nowitski of the Dallas Mavericks was invited on stage by the indie rock band The Avett Brothers. Dirk chose to play the tambourine to one of their songs called "Sally's Lover". We already knew that Nowitski likes to listen to David Hasselhoff before a game but we never knew he was a fan of indie rock. Nowitski was even kind enough to put on a t-shirt of the band and take some photos with it.  JUMP!

Jun 2, 2012

UCONN Is Actually Making This T-Shirt [PHOTOS]

The University of Connecticut is actually going to make this horrible t-shirt and actually sanctioned it. The UCONN Alumni aren't exactly happy about this t-shirt being sold at their alma mater's official website. If you purchase 50 dollars or more of these, you can get 50 percent off! What a deal. If I went to a rival school of the University of Connecticut, I would have some photoshop fun with this. Full t-shirt after the JUMP!

Jun 1, 2012

Dancers Of The NBA Playoffs: Spurs’ Mandy Is A Kardashian Fan [PHOTOS]

BC Cheerleader Expert Investigator Asher was ordered to start compiling intel on the San Antonio Spurs dancers because we figure they'll be in the NBA Finals by Wednesday or so. He came back with a little firecracker, Mandy, who is a big fan of the Kardashians, Tony Parker and I Love Lucy. Hell yes that's a well-rounded girl right there. She also has a decent collection of Twitpics for her 97 Twitter followers. How does a Spurs dancer only have 97 followers? Mind-boggling. JUMP!

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Jun 1, 2012

Jimmer Fredette To Get Married, Lose His Virginity Later Tonight

The day he divorces his right hand. The day he marries the love of his life. The day he loses his virginity. It's finally here for Jimmer Fredette. The Kings shooting guard & BYU legend will marry his longtime girlfriend Whitney Wonnacott tonight at a Denver LDS temple. Yes, we bought the couple a nice present, a red spatula. The big question we have, is how long will this guy be able to perform on his wedding night? 3-4 minutes? 1:37? JUMP!

Oh, Look, The Thunder Had A Red Auerbach Hologram At Game 3 [Morning Twitpic]

Is there a bigger dickhead move in Oklahoma like some rich bastard sitting courtside sucking on a stogie in an arena with a no smoking policy? Who do you think you are, Sam Farha? I learned years ago, if a chick wears hoop earrings she usually puts out on the first date for a guy sucking on a cigar at Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. Oh, the Thunder won by 20. In NHL news, the Stanley Cup keeps getting disrespected. Let's get rolling!

Jun 1, 2012

If You See Charles Barkley Running In Downtown OKC, It’s Really Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley, in 2006, said that “Oklahoma is nothing but vast wasteland. No place for black people. The Oklahoma Sooners and the Hornets are the only brothers in town.” Of course the local media hasn't forgotten that quote so it's one storyline for Thursday's Game 3. The other being the 2-0 hole OKC finds itself in. Anyway, a Barkley sighting is a big deal in the city which made his jog this afternoon through downtown a big deal. JUMP!

May 30, 2012

Jason Terry Selling His Atlanta Mansion With Giant Man Cave; $1.9 MM [PHOTOS]

Are you moving to Atlanta and need a place to hang your basketball memorabilia, drink beers, play pool, swim, chill with your homies and get a haircut all under one roof? NBAer Jason Terry has your forever house. According to Basketball Reference, this guy has made $87 million over his basketball career. Time to let the $1.9 million house go. Purchased for $1.76 million in 2003, Terry seems to be content pretty much breaking even on this shack. JUMP!

May 30, 2012

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May 30, 2012

Michael Jordan’s Son, Marcus, Buying A Porn Star On Twitter Disaster!

Marcus Jordan learned a valuable lesson today on Twitter when ordering whores – double check to make sure you are DMing said whore. This morning, Jordan hit send on a tweet to some whore who goes by @xxxrachelroxxx. The only problem was that he seemed to be telling Rachel that he had some serious cash for her. From the tweet it doesn't appear the two are related. JUMP!

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May 30, 2012

NASCAR WAGs: Jordan Fish Is A Former Bobcats Dancer & Dating Denny Hamlin [PHOTOS]

Know how we know NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin is dating out of his league? His girlfriend, Jordan Fish, used to shake it 40 or so times per season for NBA fans. It's extremely rare for NASCAR guys to dabble in the cheerleader/dancer market for a simple reason: the drivers used to be way too hilljack-y. Ms. Fish should obviously be congratulated on breaking down the barrier. JUMP!

May 30, 2012

Multiple Spurs’ Fans Curb Stomping Thunder Fan During Game 2 [VIDEO]

Oh, hell yes Spurs fans kicking the sh*t out of a Thunder fan is a great way for the Western Conference Finals become relevant in our eyes. That's exactly what happened last night during the 4th quarter. TNT cameras caught the action and so did some guy who was just trying to play some NBA 2K12. Fists flying. Multiple people stomping Thunder fan. A sucker punch. Classic playoffs ass kicking. JUMP!

May 30, 2012

This Old Coot Wants Some Nasty & ‘Luther’ Looks All Nasty’d Out [Morning Twitpic]

By the way, when did they start serving those giant margarita yard cups at NBA games like they do in downtown Vegas? You let grandma slam a couple of those and she's gonna ride Tony Parker like a mechanical bull. In other NBA news, the Spurs take a 2-0 lead and have like 20 straight wins. Um, they shot 55% from the field. In MLB news, Reds 3B Todd Frazier saved a guy's life on Tuesday. Some dude nearly choked to death on a steak tip. Let's get rolling!

May 29, 2012

20 Best NSFW Danny Crawford Game 1 Tech-Fest Hate Tweets

The big story last night in Game 1, besides LeBron kissing him mom on the lips during halftime, had to be Danny Crawford and his quick technical whistle. At one point around 9 p.m. EST, Crawford was the #1 trend on Twitter in the U.S. As you'd expect, the NSFW vitriol was spilling over. That's always good for business here at Busted Coverage. The more you guys hate someone on Twitter, the more pageviews we generate. Here's the best of the best. JUMP!

May 28, 2012

LeBron James Kissing His Mom On The Lips During Halftime Is Mind-boggling!

Say you were LeBron James, and of course you love your mother, would you still kiss her on the lips during halftime of the Eastern Conference Finals? With all those Delonte West rumors circling? Could you ever look at your mother the same way? And why the lips? Maybe a nice cheek kiss. How about a nice hug? Nope, King James goes straight to Otis Nixon's mouth. First question at the presser: "How's Delonte West taste?"

May 27, 2012

Udonis Haslem Hit Tyler Hansborough Intentionally To Protect Dwayne Wade [VIDEO]

Remember that hit that Udonis Haslem put on Tyler Hansborough during Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs? Well, it cost him a game suspension and we found out today that it was intentional and he would do it again. Haslem claimed that it was to defend his Miami Heat teammate Dwayne Wade who was fouled hard earlier in the game. He went on to say "I can't imagine anything I wouldn't do for Dwayne". JUMP!

May 26, 2012

Dancers Of The NBA Playoffs: Celtics’ Faren Is A Video Star! [PHOTOS]

How are we getting you ready for Game 7 between the Celtics-76ers (ABC, 8 p.m.) with another NBA dancer find from Asher. He went out looking for a Celtics dancer and came back with Atlanta native Faren, who just happned to star in Cee Lo Green's "It's OK," video. Do we really care who faces the Miami Heat after this game? Not really. Let's just get this series over with already. JUMP!

May 26, 2012

Who The Hell Is The Blonde At The Ray Allen Presser? [Morning Twitpic]

Loyal BC reader Steve in Hoboken was up watching SportsCenter last night while the rest of New Jersey was fist pumping in Seaside. "Who's the blonde smoke," he asked. Let's see, full lips, perfect nose, insane jaw structure, great flow to the hair. She's not holding that Channel 5 mic so you can rule her out at that station. One of you bros knows that blonde. Make things happen this weekend & drop us an email with her name and modeling pics:

May 25, 2012

15 Best White Guy Twitter Reactions To LeBron’s SportsCenter #1 Travel

Pasty white guys, already jealous of LeBron James for his superior talents, absolutely lost their minds on Twitter last night when SportsCenter made this dunk its #1 Top 10 play of the day. Is it a blatant travel? Looks borderline to us. We say play on. White guys on Twitter, however, are sick and tired of SportsCenter gobbling on LeBron's nuts. Look, whities, you need to realize what pays the bills to fly Rachel Nichols around the country. LeBron does. Suck it. JUMP!

May 24, 2012

Rent Pat Riley’s Malibu House This Summer – Only $35,000 Per Month! [PHOTOS]

You have three months off this summer and $105,000 to kick around on a Malibu waterfront beach house? Pat Riley has a place for you to crash and the only view off the deck is for miles and miles of the Pacific Ocean. That's right, rent Pat's poon slayer lair for only $35,000 per month (June, July & August). What do you get? It's the perfect place to invite Vanessa Hudgens or one of these other horny Hollywood types over to watch waves crash. JUMP!

May 24, 2012

22 Best Black Guy Twitter Reactions To Shaq To Orlando GM Rumors

It's the news ESPN needed to drum up content for the 97 hours of daily live shows across the WWL. Chris Broussard goes on the NBA pregame show last night and drops a nugget about Orlando possibly interviewing Shaq for its open GM position. Of course it's a stupid idea, but just the kind of rumor that gets fans fired up. That means it's good for our business, so we like this stupid rumor. The reaction from the black dudes wasn't good for The Big Aristotle. JUMP!

May 24, 2012

Hands Down Best MILF Miami Heat Semi-NSFW Playoff Victory Celebration – EVER! [VIDEO]

Of course we want the Heat to absolutely bury the Pacers tonight. Make a statement. It's not that we're LeBron fans. Of course his act sailed years ago. However, it's a team like Miami that's great for business. You guys hating Miami equals pageviews. Pageviews equal $. Dollars equal my ass going on vacation like twice a year. Enter Miami Heat MILF dancing on a bar after Game 5 at the Will Call sports bar. JUMP!

May 24, 2012

A.I.’s Reaction Upon Learning He Would Not Be Playing In Game 6 [Morning Twitpic]

The other big news, besides the 76ers getting a victory in Game 6, was that Allen Iverson was in the house to provide moral support to his former team. Of course Philly columnists noted that the guy "looked like a shell of his former self." Seriously, you think? The guy hasn't played in an NBA game since 2010. Think he's a shell? Amazing! In MLB news, would the Steinbrenner boys really sell the Yankees? That's the report. Let's get rolling!

May 23, 2012

OKC Thunder Fan Yells “Keep Moving, D*ckhead” At OKC Fan, Gets Dropped [VIDEO]

Just when you thought Oklahoma City Thunder games would never include one OKC fan yelling "Keep moving, dickhead" to another OKC fan, these folks shock the hell out of us. Here we figured OKC Nation was on the same page. All In! One Goal! Just Win, OKC! Add your own stupid playoff cliché as you see fit. However, the other night two dudes went at it in the upper deck. These people are growing on us. JUMP!

May 23, 2012

Steve Kerr Oblivious To This Impending Breast Implant Attack [Morning Twitpic]

Kudos to @1raymo for keeping his eyes open last night during a normal Steve Kerr-Marv Albert sideline shot. And then, out of nowhere, came this surprise breast implant. Just look at Kerr acting like a professional. Gotta figure Marv took her back to his hotel and taught her a few lessons. In NBA news, the Pacers-Heat series is OVER. Sure, there is a Game 6, but a 32-point loss in Game 5? Nigga, please? In NHL news, the Kings are in the Stanley Cup Finals. Let's get rolling!

May 22, 2012

LOL! Tony Romo Giving Kiss Of Death To Boston Celtics Playoff Run

From last night via @PaigeGreco: "Hangin out with my homeboy Tony Romo last night... Yes I know I look gross." Blah, blah, blah. Let's focus on those seven letters across Romo's rec league jersey. Isn't a bigger kiss of death to an NBA franchise still in the playoffs like this guy wearing your name. We're talking one NFL playoff victory. Don't say we didn't warn Boston fans when something goes wrong in Game 6 & 7.

May 22, 2012

Bruh, Who Would’ve Thought Joakim Noah Is So Protective Of His Poon?

So the Media Take Outs of the world are having fun today with Joakim Noah, his girlfriend Amanda and some basketballer named Nic Wise. We'll try to keep this simple for you. Wise sent a text message to 'Amanda.' Long story short, Noah saw the message and decided it was time to protect his poon territory. Wise received the following message that's quickly becoming the "Meme Of The Week." JUMP!

May 22, 2012

Hell Yes, I Want To Rent Vlade Divac’s Panty Dropping Contemporary Pad For $13,000/Mo! [PHOTOS]

Can't really afford to buy some crazy million dollar pad in L.A. but want to live like Vlade Divac in the Pacific Palisades? We have a deal for you and four buddies just waiting to happen. The former Lakers great is looking to rent out his contemporary stunner for $13,000 a month. 5 beds, 5 baths. Could be the craziest summer of your life with this place that's guaranteed to get you laid like a famous NBA player. JUMP!

May 22, 2012

OKC Thunder Porn Star Superfans Bibi Jones & Jesse Jane SFW Game 5 Tweet Celebration

Are we ever surprised at this job? Like 10 to 12 times per day. Take this morning on Twitter where we expected to find OKC Thunder porn star superfans Bibi Jones & Jesse Jane ripping off clothes and showing beef curtains after their team disposed of the hated Lakers and Metta World Peace. The ladies, instead, were actually taking Game 5 very serious. Serious tweets & not a beef curtain pic between the two. Of course BC was surprised. JUMP!

May 22, 2012

Donald Driver’s Family Killing It On DWTS With Their Handy Cheeseheads [Morning Twitpic]

Why were we watching Dancing With The Stars last night? Because the 76ers-Celtics game was a snoozer and we wanted to see Donald Driver's country dance. Simply an epic performance. Jaw-dropping. In NBA news, the torch has officially been passed in the Western Conference. Kobe's 42 wasn't enough to beat the Thunder. This means Thunder-Spurs won't start for like two weeks (May 27) while the Eastern Conference moves at a turtle pace. Let's get rolling!

May 21, 2012

Here’s Greg Oden & His Tortilla Face With White Girls At Mongolian Grill [PHOTOS]

What was Greg Oden up to this weekend besides trying not to blow out a knee or fracture an ankle? Oh, just getting some grub at Mongolian Grill where he ran into this pack of girls who obviously knew about the former Ohio State great and NBA flame-out. Now, a normal fan photo at Mongolian Grill would just feature Greg Oden with a blank stare on his face and a bunch of girls smiling. Today is your lucky day! Say hello to the Oden Tortilla Face. JUMP!

May 21, 2012

Dancers Of The NBA Playoffs: 76ers’ Cassie Is A Ginger! [PHOTOS]

Yes, there is basketball tonight in Boston (Game 5 vs. PHI | 7 p.m. TNT) as the Celtics-76ers series moves back to TD Garden. Just when you figure the Celtics are going to bury Philly, Garnett goes out and has a 3-of-12 shooting night. That said, we'll still get a Game 6 in Philly where you'll be able to scope out dancer Cassie one more time in 2012. Asher has been hunting for an NBA red head for you freaks. Here is what he found. JUMP!

May 21, 2012

Oprah Was At The Champions League Final & Picking Her Nose [Morning Twitpic]

Are you kidding me? Picking your nose at the Champions League final? Don't your know that there are like 200 million viewers watching you on Sky Sports? Get it! Push that pinkie right up in there. DO IT! Anyway, Chelsea won in a shootout in case you care. In NBA news, the Spurs can now go on a summer vacation after sweeping the Clippers, 102-99. When does the Western Conference Finals start? June 2? Let's get rollin'!

May 20, 2012

Dwayne Wade Would Appreciate It If You Didn’t Foul Him Like That [VIDEO]

Dwayne Wade was driving to the basket on Roy Hibbert during the Miami Heat-Indiana Pacers NBA playoff game and things got kind of chippy. Roy Hibbert didn't even pretend to go for the block and just grabbed Wade and pulled him down and held onto his arm. Wade and Danny Granger confronted each other after the play where both teams got involved and the officials needed to pull them back. The play costed the Pacers a technical foul.  JUMP!

May 19, 2012

Snoop Dogg Showed Up To The Laker Game In This [PHOTOS]

Snoop Dogg himself showed up to the Los Angeles Lakers-Oklahoma City Thunder playoff game last night in this Rastafarian style hat and crazy sunglasses. Of course the sunglasses had a flip up cover with smiley faces on them (why wouldn't they?). I'm sure he was just wearing them so you couldn't see how red his eyes were. Anyways, the Lakers came back from a pretty hefty deficit against the Thunder to win the game with a crazy finish. HT @Jose3030 JUMP!