Jokester Anthony Davis Didn't Shave His Unibrow

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In news that will probably headline “SportsNation” tomorrow, New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis has revealed he did not shave off his famous unibrow. I know. What an April Fool’s prank by AD. Total shocker that the guy who trademarked both “Fear the Brow” and “The Brow” has decided to not destroy his personal brand.
His words via Instagram:

Come on y’all!!! Y’all knew I wasn’t cutting I‎t. #AprilFool’s #GotY’all @redbull

Davis, of course, made a fake shaving video Saturday after his Twitter poll resulted in 51 percent of people saying he should shave the unibrow. He brought out everything he needed to trick five people: a cheesy speech, a razor, shaving cream, and a Red Bull towel, because everyone has one of those, right?
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