LeBron Went On Stage And Ripped A Shot With Justin Timberlake In Cleveland

Just when you thought the only alcohol that LeBron James drank was world class vino, he goes up on stage at the Justin Timberlake concert in Cleveland with a tray full of shots for JT and his band. He was the delivery man, but he also took part in the drinking after Timberlake did the typical thanking of the crowd.
Still no word on how this fits into LeBron’s $1.5 million per year diet plan. I can’t imagine it’s very helpful. There’s also a real possibility that there’s is no shot glass in that drink at all.

All of the sudden we have a little bromance budding between LeBron and Timberlake. All I’m saying is Jay-Z better watch his back. He might have to make an appearance courtside pretty soon before LeBron dumps him for good.

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