Sister Jean: God Probably Prefers College Basketball Over The NBA

Here we go. You just knew sooner or later Sister Jean was going to drop a FIRE take that would have the internet up in arms. A 98-year old Catholic nun can only be in the public eye so long before the takes start spewing. It happens to every viral star.
Today’s take comes from her Final Four presser. Yes, Sister Jean had a Final Four press conference this morning and about 10,000 media members showed up. Meanwhile, an actual Loyola player answered questions from 3 guys who probably got lost looking for whatever room Jean was in.
Anyways, back to the take. It looks like Jean got the classic NCAA vs. NBA debate going again this morning after somebody asked her if God was a basketball fan. Big J work from whoever asked that question.
Not only did she answer, but she made sure to mention that God would actually prefer the NCAA over the NBA because these kids aren’t playing for the money, just the pure love of the game.

Somewhere Mark Emmert is watching this presser and laughing while he counts the BILLION DOLLARS March Madness brings in to the NCAA every year. I don’t know, I would assume God would be against the fact that these kids are being exploited every March, while Mark Emmert and his comb-over hide behind “amateurism”. But I guess she’s talking to the big man on a daily basis, so what do I know.
I still love Sister Jean. Old people always have their takes, I can’t blame her.

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