Joel Embiid Seems to Be Enjoying the Hassan Whiteside-Heat Drama

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Joel Embiid is out of commission for a couple weeks after Markelle Fultz accidentally broke his face, but it’s all good, an injured — and doped up — Process means more shenanigans on social media. If you loved Embiid shamelessly hollering at Rihanna, we’re happy to inform you he’s back at it. The man is once again shooting for all of us to see.

Oh, and he’s also taking great pleasure in disgruntled Hassan Whiteside complaining about his minutes. As you can see below, Process “liked” two Whiteside related tweets:
via @JoelEmbiid/Twitter
via @JoelEmbiid/Twitter
Whiteside sounded off Saturday after playing just 20 minutes in a one-point loss to the Brooklyn Nets. He told reporters he finds it “annoying” to be sitting when opposing teams start playing small ball (via the Miami Herald):

Asked how tough it is to watch from the bench when the opponent goes small, Whiteside said: “It’s annoying. We shouldn’t. Why are we matching up? We’ve got one of the best centers in the league. Why are we matching up?
“A lot of teams don’t have a good center. They are going to use their strengths. It’s bull [expletive]. It’s really bull [expletive], man. There are a lot of teams that can use a center. [Expletive]. That’s one of them. That’s bull [expletive].”

Embiid and Whiteside, of course, have been beefing for a while now. Their most recent drama took place on March 8 when the two found themselves in a classically soft NBA altercation which featured a self-inflicted blow to the face:

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