Michigan Students Flooded The Streets Of Ann Arbor After The Final Four Win

Winning a Final Four game and securing a spot in the National Championship is nothing short of impressive, everybody knows this. You have every right to celebrate a huge win for your school after something like that, especially when you are a team nobody thought would be in this spot three weeks ago. And also on a Saturday night when everybody is already out getting hammered anyway.
But let me say this, these Michigan students flooded the streets of Ann Arbor last night like they just won a ring. There’s one more game to go, people, and the team waiting on you just made it rain like no team has ever done in a tournament game. Nova is a damn JUGGERNAUT. Things could get bad quickly on Monday night, just like they did for Kansas last night.

I did see somebody make this point, though: they might as well celebrate now because if they lose Monday they surely won’t be doing it, and let’s not pretend Michigan football is going to have anybody dancing in the streets.
So while I feel like they might’ve jumped the gun here when there’s still another game and an opportunity for a real championship celebration, I can let it slide. This might be their only chance to do this in 2018.

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