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Basketball - page 66

Aug 3, 2012

Tom Crean’s Creepy Tweet Isn’t Him Cheating On His Wife, It’s Recruiting Strategy

Tom Crean made sure to clear the air about this tweet by saying that he's been thinking about a recruit. This isn't - you know - a tweet to some road beef. "Sorry. That was to a new recruit. Wish I could tell you who. Sent it by mistake. Don't panic. Lol(.)" The IU coach added, "My wife and daughter are laughing at my lack of ability to use technology." Nice excuse, Crean. Does the recruit have long legs, a full C-cup and blonde hair? (@TomCrean)

Jul 26, 2012

Is Ralph Lauren Serious With These Douchey Opening Ceremony Berets?

There has been quite the controversy surrounding Team USA and their uniforms. Ralph Lauren and his team designed these threads do we put it? They are pretty much the douchiest outfits we've ever seen. Every American athlete will have to rock these uniforms, berets and all, during Friday's opening ceremonies. It's great seeing photos popping up of athletes trying on the outfits, best one yet has been Anthony Davis. Unibrow is rocking the beret with pride! JUMP!

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Jul 26, 2012

Kevin Love Catches Team USA, LeBron & Coach K Sleeping [PHOTOS]

Team USA has been handling their business in tune-up games leading up to the Olympics. With the exception, of the Argentina game, each victory has been a cakewalk. However the team looks like it is trying to catch as much rest as possible, especially on the plane. Kevin Love snapped an epic Instagram pic of six of his teammates and head coach Mike Krzyzewski passed out en route to London. Impressive ability to catch all seven guys out cold. JUMP!

Jul 25, 2012

Gilbert Arenas Lists Virginia Mansion With Insane Pool/Grotto/Shark Tanks!; $3.5M [PHOTOS]

Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert. Where to begin. Back in '08 he was wrapping up the prime of his career. Arenas got on his high horse, started dropping millions into this place and before he knew it, it was 2012 and he was struggling to find an NBA team. That's about the time these morons realize that million dollar pool might not have been the best "investment". At only $3.5 million this beauty could be yours! JUMP!

Jul 25, 2012

Can 6’9″ Karl Malone Fit In A Scion IQ? Not Comfortably

Never would've guessed Karl Malone would sell his ass kickin' Toyota Tundra so that he could get better gas mileage with a Scion iQ. Wait, this tiny car gets great gas mileage, right? Try 36/city & 37 on the highway. And 6-9 power forwards don't exactly fit very well, according to this test at his Scion dealership. Get this, the specs on this ride claims you can get four people in the iQ. Seriously, says so right here. JUMP!

Jul 25, 2012

Inside The LeBron James Gmail Account

Just think how many hours it took some guy (because this is something that guys waste time working on) to create this LeBron James Gmail account screencap. HOURS! Sure, once you have the Gmail fonts it comes down to creativity. And this creative guy even created a great Google email ad for LeBron's account. Our favorite email on this screencap: that message from Pau Gasol. Full image - JUMP!

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Jul 21, 2012

Tom Izzo Quotes The Notorious B.I.G. In An Interview

This guy is Tom Izzo and he coaches the Michigan State basketball team. Can you imagine him listening to the late Notorious B.I.G. (who is arguably one of the best rappers ever)? It's possible this was unintentional or just an amazing coincidence but it happened. Izzo was giving an interview and his quote was almost exactly the same as Biggie's line. Analysis after the JUMP!

Buy Shaq’s Tricked Out 2001 Chevrolet G1500 Express Luxury Van For $45,000 [PHOTOS]

If you are in the market for a massive luxury van then today is your lucky day. Current owners "John & Rosemary" have had enough of this vehicle and are trying to unload it to a lucky buyer. Yes, this tricked out van was formerly owned by Shaq if the masive Superman logo on the grill wasn't enough of a hint. Shaq was ahead of the curve when he decided to sell this beast. JUMP!

Jul 17, 2012

Blazers LaMarcus Aldridge Selling TX House With Pool Rock Climbing Wall; $1.75M! [PHOTOS]

We love athlete houses with killer pools. Love 'em. Would buy one if this blog ever gets snapped up by a giant media company. Sure, Coed Media Group is cool and all, but our asses aren't going to be sitting next to one of these pools until Coed is snapped up. When that day comes, my ass is relocating to Southlake, TX where BC HQ will be at LaMarcus Aldridge's pad. Look at that pool. LOOK AT IT! So pretty.

Jul 17, 2012

21 NSFW Anderson Varejao Is A D-Bag Hate Tweets From Brazil-USA Friendly

Anderson Varejao is a complete d-bag. Always has been, always will be. Take last night, for example. The guy walks into a Brazil-USA friendly and acts like a complete jagoff, fouling guys like it's Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Of course Americans on Twitter were pissed off with a guy slamming bodies and acting like he's about to put a gold medal around his neck. Complete dick moves, Varejao. JUMP!

Jul 17, 2012

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Jul 16, 2012

LeBron Posterizes Some One-Named Brazilian In Team USA Tune-Up; Obama Won’t Kiss [VIDEO]

The big news from tonight's Team USA vs. Brazil game in D.C.? Obama wouldn't kiss Michelle when the two ended up on the Verizon Center Kiss Cam. Seriously, fans booed, according to Huffington Post. Of course snubbing the Kiss Cam deserves a good boo. It's a non-partisan issue. Anyway, there was basketball and LeBron showed off against some Brazilian scrubs. JUMP!

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Jul 16, 2012

27 NSFW Knicks & Jason Kidd Are A Complete Mess Tweets

It's been a wild couple days for New York Knick fans. Between the Jeremy Lin offer sheet fiasco and the Jason Kidd DUI, tabloids have material for days. The Knicks have a pretty decent (and old) roster on paper, but there are good portions of their fan base who are at wits end. They are dreading seeing Carmelo Anthony shoot 30 times a game. They are pissed to see Jeremy Lin skipping town for Houston. They hate the teams owner James Dolan. JUMP!

Jul 16, 2012

ESPN Fires Yet Another Intern Over Text, Text, Text, Text Stunt [Morning Twitpic]

Remember, kids, you don't want to forget to fill your ESPN cutlines before going live with graphics because there is a guy out there waiting to bust your ass for the error. Next thing you know it's on Twitter & dorky Internet guys are LOLing at you. In other sports news, the halo on a Joe Paterno mural in State College has been modified. The halo has been painted over! Meanwhile, there seems to be an Ozzie-Bryce Harper pine tar feud. Let's get rolling!

Jul 14, 2012

Lakers’ Fans Hand Steve Nash Keystone Light While Driving [VIDEO]

Steve Nash of the Los Angeles Lakers just had some fans pass him some Keystone Light while he was driving in LA. He seemed to love it so much he posted it on TwitVid. He even said "the fans have been pretty good so far". These fans are going to love Nash until he misses a game winning shot but in all likeliness, Nash will stay clutch as usual. The Lakers look like a team to be reckoned with next year with their recent acquisitions. Video after the JUMP!

Jul 11, 2012

Buy Former NBA Legend Marcus Fizer’s 1999 Mercedes For Only $10,000! [PHOTOS]

This, my friends, is desperation in its finest state. Former Chicago Bull/Milwaukee Buck/New Orleans Hornet Marcus Fizer must be hurting for cash because he is selling his 1999 Mercedes Benz CL500 for $10,000. Might not sound that outrageous, but he dropped $20,000 into customization alone. Chalk this up to another stupid athlete binge purchase early on in their careers. Act fast because the auction is ending in four days! JUMP!

Jul 11, 2012

Guess The White NBA Player Holding A Handgun (It’s Not Chris Kaman!)

All you gun nut, Republican, NRA members out there can chill out. We aren't posting this photo to "bring attention to gun violence in the United States." Like we care what you guys are doing with guns. This is all about image for the NBA. Nothing scares David Stern like one of his young white guys holding a handgun, especially when that whitey is wearing a 'Speed Kills' shirt. Guess that whitey! JUMP!

Jul 10, 2012

Great Photo Moments In Athletes Grinding Girls

Listening to Robinson Cano get booed last night at the home run derby brought back so memories for us and the history of Busted. Think way back to Christmas week 2009. Cano and the Yankees had just come off a World Series title, he batted .320 and finished in the MVP voting. We received an email that week from a woman named Maria. She wanted us to see Robbie bending over a blonde in Miami. JUMP!

Jul 10, 2012

2012 ESPN Body Issue Photos

ESPN The Magazine unveiled its 2012 Body Issue covers today and as you can see there is a naked Rob Gronkowski, Candace Parker (WNBA) and Tyson Chandler. There will be a total of six covers. According to ESPN, "Distribution of covers is completely random," so it's possible you'll have a naked Gronk in your mailbox. Or maybe Tyson Chandler's bare ass stares at your mailman all day. It'll be random. Collect all six on eBay. JUMP!

Jul 9, 2012

#TeamBJNBA Getting Heat From NBA Lawyers Over Use Of ‘NBA’ In BJ Promotion!

It's been quite a while since our last #TeamBJNBA update. 12 days to be exact. We were going through withdrawal, wondering what Sarah Jay and Angelina Castro were up to. Well, it appears that the girls ran into some trouble when the NBA sent them a cease & desist order. Apparently the lawyers didn't appreciate the two busted porn "stars" using the NBA logo and the likeness of Wade, James and Bosh on their site. JUMP!

Jul 9, 2012

Rick Pitino Throwing Up ‘Ls’ In Pool That Isn’t Pool At His House [PHOTO]

Yes, we get it Internet, that's Rick Pitino in a pool throwing up the Ls. Now let's all put our collective heads together and figure out whose pool he's enjoying. It's not the pool at the house Rick's trying to sell for $2.2 million. Who are the the chicks and the pencil in the photo? No idea. How is it even remotely possible this is the only photo from Pitino's pool day to hit the Internets? No idea. JUMP!

Jul 7, 2012

23 Best Black Guy NSFW F-Bomb Twitter Reactions To Ray Allen Heat News

Yep, Ray Allen is taking his old three-point shooting abilities to South Beach next year where the Heat are quickly becoming the New York Yankees of the NBA. The sad news to this deal is that Ray Ray will only make $3 million next season, much less than the 2-year/$12M offer from the Celtics. Hell yes, black dudes went nuts on Twitter. The reaction from black guys, usually mixed, was unanimous - Ray Allen is a "f*ck nigga." JUMP!

Jul 7, 2012

Birmingham, Alabama Is Trying To Get An NBA Team [PHOTOS]

The city of Birmingham, Alabama is trying to get it's own NBA team "not only for the entertainment but also to help local businesses and create jobs in the city of Birmingham". The movement has it's own official website, Twitter account, their own song, and videos about them. According to the website, this movement was started by a 15 year old and is gaining steam. Would you go to an NBA game in Birmingham, Alabama? JUMP!

Jul 7, 2012

ESPN Fired Summer Intern Over This Kevin Durant Lakers Fail [Morning Twitpic]

Durant-Kobe-Gasol-Nash. Not a bad team at all. Not sure how they'll mesh during the playoffs, but should be good enough to compete with LeBron-Boshzilla-Wade-Allen. Can't wait for that NBA Finals. In golf news, here we thought Tiger Woods was OFFICIALLY BACK. Oops. Missed cut. And finally, in Chicago, police & fire rescuers, yesterday, had to save over 60 kayakers from the Chicago River. 30 boats capsized in high winds. Let's get rolling!

Jul 6, 2012

Tony Parker’s New Look Post Drake/Chris Brown Brawl

In case you missed it, Tony Parker was caught in the middle of an ugly scrum between Chris Brown and Drake last month. Things escalated and Parker ended up in surgery after shards of glass ended up in his eye. Enter the new specs. We understand he needs to wear them to prevent blindness, but we're just not feeling it. Not sure if its the stupid face he's making or the glasses themselves. JUMP!

Jul 6, 2012

22 NSFW Jeremy Lin To The Rockets Hate Tweets

Ever since Jeremy Lin made his Knicks debut last season, literally anything the guy does is newsworthy. That's why when he signed an offer sheet, the internet nearly imploded. People are so damn confused by this. Half of Twitter thinks that he is already heading to Houston. The guy signed an offer sheet and odds are the Knicks match it. Relax Twitter nation, no need for all this NSFW Lin hate! JUMP!

Jul 5, 2012

Terrorists Won – Mom Reading Kindle At Baseball Game On July 4th [Morning Twitpic]

And the husband let her have the aisle seat. Ain't that some bullshit on the 4th of July? Of course the aisle is a man's domain. It's where he acts as an air traffic controller. The one who flags down the beer guy. The one who inspects the poon walking into his section. Grow a pair, dad. (via ‏@Merredith). In NBA news, Steve Nash is headed to the Lakers, if you didn't hear. Here's how a guy with only 4,200 Twitter followers got 3,500 RTs out of the news. Insane. Let's get rolling!

Jul 3, 2012

U.S.A. Olympic Basketball Teams: 1992-2012 [PHOTOS]

Ever since professionals were allowed to play in the Olympics in 1992, the United States has been a force to be reckoned with. Well, other than the debacle in 2004. Did we really expect a team coached by Larry Brown and led by Allen Iverson to handle the Olympics well? That year aside, the U.S. has done nothing but dominate, winning gold in 1992, 1996, 2000 & 2008. Hell yes the U.S. is going to London to drill punks from Spain & Tunisia JUMP!

Jul 1, 2012

You Can Buy This Customary OKC Thunder Car [PHOTOS]

For only $3000 dollars, you can buy this custom painted Oklahoma City Thunder car that has all of the player's faces on it. The car has James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and Kendrick Perkins on it as well as a window on the driver's side that doesn't work. It's only got 125,000 miles on it and can be purchased on Craigslist. The car may have been worth a lot more if the Thunder were able to knock out the Miami Heat.  JUMP!

Jun 29, 2012

24 Greatest NSFW David Stern Is A C****uker & Rigged The Draft Tweets

David Stern, last night, was booed unmercifully from the minute he walked onto the stage all the way through the first round. The Jersey/NYC bros treated Stern like a corrupt, third-world dictator. After about two hours of harassment, we thought Stern was done bathing in the hate, but we were oh-so-wrong. Twitter came through once again and all the idiots came out of the woodwork to let the world know how they feel about the evil commish!

Jun 29, 2012

Skip Bayless & Wife (Carrying Oxy) Busted For Fake NBA Finals Media Credentials [Cuff ‘Em]

Via: A Deerfield Beach couple was arrested after they allegedly used fake media credentials to get into the press section of Game 4 of the NBA Finals. James Kauff, 60, and his wife Ruth Kauff, 52, were stopped by security at a ticket checkpoint inside the arena during the game on Tuesday of last week, according to Miami Police. They each had a fraudulent pass that said “Media Miami Heat” and had their photo pasted on it, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Jun 29, 2012

ESPN Mixed Up Its Unibrows & MKGs [Morning Twitpic]

That NBA Draft was a crazy good time, right? Could it get any more boring? And, where are all the foreigners? How is it possible the modern NBA Draft goes all the way into the 2nd round before a Euro was picked? The big news: 6 John Calipari players drafted. Ho-hum. In other NBA Draft news, Metta World Peace last night went nuts on Twitter over trade rumors. Our favorite: Metta traded for 15 7-11 Slurpies. Hilarious! Let's get rolling!

Jun 28, 2012

Tyler Zeller’s Girlfriend Is Huge Mystery Of 2012 Draft [PHOTOS]

It's the biggest mystery of the 2012 NBA Draft: Who is Tyler Zeller's girlfriend? We've scoured Google, Twitter, MySpace, etc. and can't come up with a name. In 2012, how is that even possible? Shouldn't this concern the Cleveland Cavaliers (his new team) that Zeller is so secretive that he doesn't even reveal his girlfriend until the Draft? One of you has a name to drop on us. Facebook photos too much to ask tonight? JUMP!

Jun 28, 2012

Landry Fields’ Girlfriend Elaine Alden’s New Bikini Photo & 65 Sexiest Twitpics

Now it makes sense why Landry Fields couldn't make a damn jump shot last season for the Knicks. The guy probably couldn't stop think about his girlfriend. Elaine Alden, his model girlfriend, is all about Twitpics and posted a gem earlier today. She's stupid hot and she knows it. After going through her library of twitpics, we pulled the best of the best...65 to be exact.JUMP!

Jun 28, 2012

Athletes Breaking Down Obamacare: Terrelle Pryor Vs. Spencer Hawes

Maybe you heard the big news from the Supreme Court about Obamacare. Of course we're not here to get into the new health care law that was ruled constitutional (yes, there was the tax language; blah, blah, blah) by the court. It's much more fun when athletes try to show off their political science skills on Twitter. Today's combatants are: Raiders 3rd string QB Terrelle Pryor vs. 76ers 7-footer Spencer Hawes. DEBATE! JUMP!

Jun 28, 2012

The 22 Most Outrageous Suits In NBA Draft History

The 2012 NBA Draft kicks off tonight at 7:00 p.m. on ESPN. We have all read countless reports and mock drafts so to break up that monotony, we took this post in a different direction...the worst suits in NBA Draft history. Many of these young players aren't used to the limelight and attention that is coming their way so oftentimes they make some questionable wardrobe choices. Some guys look like butlers, some look like they're going to prom and some just look like total ass-clowns. JUMP!

Jun 27, 2012

#TeamBJNBA Announces Heat Championship BJ Date & Details!

The wait is over gentlemen. We have finally received some details on Sarah Jay and Angelina Castro's BJ bonanza. Although the exact whereabouts are still TBD, we have a date...August 2. We do know it is going to be somewhere in Miami, so if you have any desire to experience all that Sarah and Angelina's mouths have to offer, start finalizing up your travel plans. Twitter is abuzz and their followers are going to show up (by the thousands!?). Will you be there? JUMP!