Introducing Amanda Steele, Wife Of Xavier's New Coach Travis Steele

The BC DMs and email hotline lit up Saturday night while I was concentrating on Nova kicking the shittt (extra letters so the Google bots keep moving) outta Kansas and dealing with a massive allergy head cold. Word got out that Travis Steele was going to be the new Xavier coach and, in the process, Amanda Steele was the new first lady of Xavier basketball.
It sent BC tipsters into a frenzy. They’ve been around for years. They know a wife like Amanda can turn a program into a viral sensation for absolutely nothing that has to do with basketball.
Here’s a little backstory on how this Travis Steele guy locked down Amanda – via

Travis Steele’s move to Cincinnati to take a coaching position for the Xavier College basketball team forever changed his and Amanda McCaw’s lives by interlacing their fates. “Travis had just moved, and didn’t know anyone in the city, so he would just stay at the office all day and night,” recalls Amanda. “A mutual friend was in town and made Travis take a break from work and come out for New Year’s Eve with us.” The two were instantly taken with each other and inseparable from that very night.

Did I mention that Amanda’s family is loaded & has donated millions to make Xavier a basketball power? I’d say that as long as Travis can make a couple Sweet 16s over the next 10 years, this guys is going to be living the life all of us wouldn’t mind having.

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