Your Latest Soft NBA Fight: Quincy Acy v. Andre Drummond

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The great Lonzo Ball summed up NBA altercations quite well after walking away from an incident earlier this season: “People ain’t really gonna fight.”
NBA players, of course, will do everything else — go forehead-to-forehead, puff out their chests, talk trash — but when it comes to throwing hands, only Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka are about that life. Quincy Acy and Andre Drummond? Yeah, those guys showed they are “Hold-me-back” types after scuffling Sunday.

The NBA fake fight checklist:

  • Forehead to forehead? Check!
  • Weak shove while the ref separates them? Check!
  • WWE-style bullrush? Check!

All of that drama and only one person gets hit — the damn referee.
Both Acy and Drummond were ejected for wasting everyone’s time.

Acy says he overreacted to an alleged elbow by Drummond:

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