Athlete Real Estate

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Apr 11, 2017

Buy Zach Britton’s Gorgeous Texas Home — $1.599 Million

The last time most of you guys saw Zach Britton, he was in the Rogers Centre bullpen watching his Os...

Apr 6, 2017

Buy Andy Dalton’s Fort Worth House — $1.1 Million

After a terrible year for the Bengals last season, Andy Dalton has been pretty quiet this off-season. He hasn’t lost...

Mar 3, 2017

Billy Donovan Finally Got Around To Listing His Gainesville, FL Mansion — $1.8 Million

Florida die-hards will love this. You have to opportunity to live in a house that’s witnessed back-to-back National Championships. It’s...

Feb 24, 2017

Scott Rolen Is Selling His Waterfront Key West House — $1.8 Million

Look, I’m going to keep this simple. Do you want a house in Key West? Yes, you do because everyone...

Feb 12, 2017

Buy Scott Brooks’ Corona Del Mar House… It’s In A Cul-De-Sac — $2.6 Million

For some reason, it looks like people of the sports world are done with Corona Del Mar. Well, at least...

Feb 10, 2017

Buy Jake Long’s St. Louis Area House — $2.75 Million

Jake Long hasn’t played for the Rams since they were back in St. Louis, and has bounced around on a...

Feb 4, 2017

John Kruk Is Selling His Naples House — $2.75 Million

Last season was John Kruk’s last at ESPN, which blows because he was only person in that Baseball Tonight that...

Feb 3, 2017

Free Agent Pitcher C.J. Wilson Selling His Corona Del Mar House — $2.7 Million

C.J. Wilson missed all of last baseball season with the Angels because of elbow and shoulder surgery and is now...