It Sure Looks Like Anthony Davis Just Shaved His Unibrow

We have some huge news breaking out of the NBA this afternoon. On the day of the Final Four, no less. Earlier in the week, Anthony Davis posed the question on Twitter whether he should get rid of his patented unibrow. An utterly preposterous question in and of itself.

A little over 300,000 morons answered yes to get rid of, what is essentially, Anthony Davis’ entire brand. Now here we are, on 31st day of March and Anthony Davis has officially gotten ridden of the brow that has made him famous (along with him being AWESOME at basketball).

This is bad news for Anthony. As I lay out here in this possibly over-the-top reaction tweet to seeing the brow officially gone.

The brow is his brand. Anthony Davis somehow made the unibrow kinda cool. When you’re putting up 30 and 15 on the regular, you can do things like that. People will start to actually embrace that long strip of hair across your face.
Now before people start really freaking out, we need to take some things into consideration. Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, so this very well could be some elaborate joke a day ahead of time. If you watch the video, you’ll see that he doesn’t actually show the shaving process. The camera conveniently falls. Clearly, we don’t have enough evidence to say it’s definitely gone.
But if it is, it’s a bad day for Anthony Davis and Pelicans fans. Shaving that thing immediately brings the bad juju, especially with the way he’s been playing recently. Who knows, that thing may very well have been what gave him great basketball skills. If it’s gone, it could be like the Monstars stealing talent. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Good news, though…that thing is definitely going to grow back with the quickness


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