Michigan Bank Takes Down Billboard Trash Talking Sister Jean

Off to the #FinalFour! #GoBlue #SisterJean pic.twitter.com/uxHQMnJw0V

— bank of ann arbor (@bankofannarbor) March 28, 2018

You might’ve seen this floating around social media this week. A Michigan bank, more specifically the Bank of Ann Arbor, put up this billboard going at Sister Jean. Nothing hurtful, just some good old-fashioned shit talk ahead of a big Final Four this weekend. Just a little pun action to poke fun at a Catholic nun. No harm in that right?

Wrong. It’s 2018, people. Somebody was bound to get offended. You had people responding to this tweet threatening to take their business elsewhere. Over a billboard! This is what we’ve come to. Now it’s been taken down.

More details from MLive:

The billboard, which read “Sister Jean will soon know the difference between heaven and hail,” was taken down sometime between Wednesday and Thursday.

The billboard was put up along westbound M-14 at Pontiac Trail in Ann Arbor.

Bank of Ann Arbor CEO Tim Marshall said he received a lot of positive feedback on the billboard, but couldn’t ignore the people outraged over it.

“We don’t want to lose the focus of a very robust campaign,” Marshall said. “The vast majority of the feedback we got was very positive, but for us not to pay attention to the people who couldn’t see the humor would be inappropriate.”

The Bank of Ann Arbor is known for these billboards they put up across campus. They’ve been doing it for years, but the one time you make a little joke about a 98-year old nun and everybody flips out.

If Sister Jean is going to do press conferences and national interviews every 5 minutes, I think she can handle a little billboard shit talk.

I guess the Bank of Ann Arbor will have to settle with these

@bankofannarbor is on fire with these billboards!#GoBlue @umichbball @umichhockey

🎶it's great to be a Michigan Wolverine!🎶#FinalFour #FrozenFour pic.twitter.com/tiSmVGxTfN

— Michelle Manzella (@myshells77) March 31, 2018

New Bank of of Ann Arbor billboard on the corner of Madison and Main. "Like Coach Beilein loves big men who can knock down threes." pic.twitter.com/4jmPOfHj15

— Andrew Kahn (@AndrewKahn) March 26, 2018