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Mar 9, 2016

Meet Bailey Bunnell – Grayson Allen’s Girlfriend

About to become a March Madness star.

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Mar 9, 2016

Want To Watch March Madness At A Vegas Sportsbook? Just Buy A Ticket

Walk in down $150-$200. Win it back on #5 vs. #12 games.

Mar 6, 2016

Roy Williams Dabs And Gets Hyped In The UNC Locker Room After The Duke Win

Some might think these coaches dancing in the locker room is getting played out. They might think it’s all just...

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Nov 14, 2015

Bill Walton Talked About China, The Economy, And Evil Spirits During His Broadcast Last Night

In case you haven’t heard, college basketball is back and last night was opening night. I’m sure a lot of...

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Aug 13, 2015

Coach K Hitting The Vegas Slots — AGAIN

Coach K really, really likes the slots.

May 16, 2015

Frank The Tank Kaminsky Chilling With Katie Couric On Graduation Day

America’s favorite white college basketball player is graduating today, and the perks of being the most popular student at your...

Apr 5, 2015

Here Are Pictures And Videos From The Riots In Lexington Last Night

It’s crazy to think that all of this happened because a few 20 year olds lost a college basketball game,...

Apr 3, 2015

The Best of Kentucky Final Four House Banners

It’s officially Final Four Eve and Big Blue Nation can hardly contain themselves. In fact, Kentucky fans are so pumped...

Apr 3, 2015

Kentucky Couch Burning Cake Sales Are On Fire

  How popular are burning couch cakes right now in Kentucky? Bakeries can’t make them fast enough, according to Lexington...

Apr 1, 2015

Buy This Kentucky RV (w/ UK Bedding) — $15,000

Are you a Kentucky fan traveling to Indianapolis for the big game? If so, don’t book that plane ticket just...

Apr 1, 2015

Final Four Teams Got Indy Car Escorts From Airport To Downtown

  And the teams are in Indianapolis to put on a Final Four show at Lucas Oil Stadium. These unpaid...

Mar 31, 2015

Wisconsin’s Nigel Hayes: “We Care More About Suck Offs Than Smash Battles”

I’m pretty sure I just heard Nigel Hayes say that Wisconsin cares more about suck offs than smash battles. I’m...

Mar 31, 2015

Kentucky Woman Tries To Give 1-Year-Old Nephew Beer & Rum During Elite 8 Party

  Meet Kentucky resident Angie Spoonamore. She got a little drunk Saturday night at an Elite 8 victory celebration party...

Mar 27, 2015

Closeup Of Tatted Kentucky Fan’s Face

  It’s totally understandable that the Fox Sports Ohio interviewer got nervous interviewing Tatted Kentucky Fan before Thursday’s game against...

Mar 25, 2015

Best Of Kentucky NCAA Tournament House Banners

    This is becoming a yearly tradition where we post the best of the best banners that are hanging...

Mar 20, 2015

March Madness Photos: Valparaiso vs. Maryland

March Madness 2015 Game: Valparaiso vs. Maryland Result: Maryland 65, Valparaiso 62 Tweet of the Game: Maryland's win means the...

Mar 20, 2015

March Madness Photos: UC Irvine vs. Louisville

March Madness 2015 Game: UC Irvine vs. Louisville Result: Louisville 57, UC Irvine 55 Tweet of the Game: An 7-foot-6...

Mar 20, 2015

March Madness Photos: Belmont vs. Virginia

March Madness 2015 Game: Belmont vs. Virginia Result: Virginia 79, Belmont 67 Tweet of the Game: Justin Anderson took a...

Mar 20, 2015

March Madness Photos: Indiana vs. Wichita State

March Madness 2015 Game: Indiana vs. Wichita State Result: Wichita State 81, Indiana 76 Tweets of the Game: Kansas and...

Mar 20, 2015

March Madness Photos: Buffalo vs. West Virginia

March Madness 2015 Game: Buffalo vs. West Virginia Result: West Virginia 68, Buffalo 62 Tweets of the Game: Money made...

Mar 20, 2015

March Madness Photos: Northern Iowa vs. Wyoming

March Madness 2015 Game: Georgia vs. Michigan State Result: Northern Iowa 71, Wyoming 54 Tweets of the Game: Northern Iowa's...

Mar 20, 2015

March Madness Photos: Georgia vs. Michigan State

March Madness 2015 Game: Georgia vs. Michigan State Result: Michigan State 70, Georgia 63 Tweet of the Game: Michigan State...

Mar 20, 2015

Crappy Charge Call Negates Derek Cooke Jr.’s Monster Slam

As fun as these nail-biting NCAA Tournament games are, one infuriating aspect of college basketball still prevails — the charge...

Mar 20, 2015

Ashley Judd Brought Her Dog To The Hampton-Kentucky Game

Here I didn’t think people were allowed to bring dogs to the NCAA Tournament. That rule, it seems, doesn’t apply...

Mar 20, 2015

March Madness Photos: Georgetown vs. Eastern Washington

March Madness 2015 Game: Georgetown vs. Eastern Washington Result: Georgetown 84, Eastern Washington 74 Tweets of the Game: Eastern Washington...

Mar 20, 2015

March Madness Photos: Kentucky vs. Hampton

March Madness 2015 Game: Kentucky vs. Hampton Result: Kentucky 79, Hampton 56 Tweets of the Game: Love it. RT @CBSSportsCBB...

Mar 20, 2015

March Madness Photos: Arkansas vs. Wofford

March Madness 2015 Game: Arkansas vs. Wofford Result: Arkansas 56, Wofford 53 Tweets of the Game: With Arkansas winning by...

Mar 19, 2015

March Madness Photos: NC State Vs. LSU

March Madness 2015 Game: NC State vs. LSU Result: NC State 66, LSU 65 Tweet of the Game: #LSU honoring...

Mar 19, 2015

SMU Kid Is An Emotional Wreck After Tragic Loss To UCLA

I was debating whether to post this because I’ll get some asshole who thinks I’m being mean to the kid...