Buffalo Students Celebrated Beating Arizona The Only Way They Know How…By Murdering Tables

Just when all of the tables in the greater Buffalo area thought they were safe until at least September, the Bulls stroll into the NCAA tournament and pull off the biggest upset of day one. Actually, it’s not even doing it justice calling that game an upset. Buffalo SMOKED Arizona. DeAndre Ayton seemed like he wanted nothing to do with spending the rest of the weekend in Boise. Now Sean Miller is all but canned and the entire starting five is gone with no recruits signed. Not great!
But let’s get back to what matters. Now there’s only one way to properly celebrate a victory like this in the city of Buffalo and some tables are going to have to be sacrificed. Bills or Bulls, it doesn’t matter, everybody is on the same page here.
Big win = broken tables.


Now I think we all have to hop aboard this Buffalo train and ride it as far as we can this tournament. Kind of like how everybody was rooting for the Bills to get into the playoffs, how can you not root for this 13-seed to make a run?
I need to see Bulls Mafia out in full force in March, I want dead tables strewn about campus. This team has a real chance to rip BBN’s heart out this weekend and I’m here for it.

Apparently, this is the same guy who nailed a half-court shot for 12 free pizzas at a Buffalo game last month…stay hot, kid!

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