What Are The Odds That A Fight Breaks Out During NCAA Tournament?


Now here are some gambling lines I wanted to see from the NCAA Tournament. Of course betting the second half is the trendy thing these days (I watch Vegas Dave tout it non-stop, I get the game), but how about betting on if punches are thrown during a tournament game. Now that’s some next-level gambling. Before you think it’s crazy to think of teams fighting during a tourney game, let’s go back to last year when New Orleans teammates nearly traded punches during a timeout – see below.
MyTopSportsBook.com is out with the crazy lines for the tourney.

Odds a punch is thrown in …

  • #2 Duke vs #15 Iona: 49/1
  • #1 Xavier vs #16 NC Central/Texas Southern: 59/1
  • #8 Creighton vs #9 Kansas State: 74/1
  • #5 West Virginia vs #12 Murray State: 84/1
  • Any Other First-Round Game: 24/1

The smart money here would go on the West Virginia-Murray State game. Emotions are going to be high in San Diego for this one. You get a couple of good ol boys firing up the teams and punches just might start flying.

Remember when a West Virginia player did this back in January?

Last year, New Orleans teammates:


Other crazy options:

First technical foul (player)
Demontrae Jefferson (Texas Southern): 12/1
Shannon Evans II (Arizona State): 18/1
Admiral Schofield (Tennessee): 22/1
Grayson Allen (Duke): 22/1
Loudon Love (Wright State): 28/1
Trae Young (Oklahoma): 32/1
Chris Clarke (Virginia Tech): 32/1
Malik Dunbar (Auburn): 32/1
Sagaba Konate (West Virginia): 40/1
Nick Ward (Michigan State): 40/1
JP Macura (Xavier): 40/1

Which tournament coach will need the first halftime shirt change

  • Sean Miller (Arizona): 5/4
  • Bruce Pearl (Auburn): 3/2
  • Buzz Williams (Virginia Tech): 6/1
  • FIELD: 49/1

Odds a tournament coach will make a pro-Trump statement: 10/1

Odds a coach will make an anti-Trump statement: 3/1

Odds a team or player protests the national anthem: 9/1

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