Georgia State Brought The Chair Ron Hunter Fell Off Of Back To The NCAA Tournament

Remember this shot from RJ Hunter back in 2015 that literally made his dad fall out of chair celebrating? Ron Hunter was chilling on a rolling stool because the week prior he blew out Achilles celebrating his school’s first ever tournament berth. It’s one of the bigger March Madness upsets in recent memory, along with one of coolest moments. It put Ron Hunter on the coaching map and pretty much got RJ drafted in the first round that following June.
Well, now that Georgia State is back in the tournament, it’s only right that they try and re-capture that good juju that helped them pull off that win against Baylor. Ron Hunter is still patrolling the GSU sidelines with two fully healthy Achilles, but you obviously have to bring that stool with you to this game.
This is the biggest no-brainer ever.

I wish I would’ve seen this yesterday. This would’ve made me seriously consider picking Georgia State in my bracket. Good news is there’s still time to gamble and I would take a nice hard look at this game against Cincinnati.
I’m seeing Georgia State sitting at +14 right now. LOCK. That stool is magic.

Ron Hunter is a quote machine, by the way

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