UCLA Head Coach Steve Alford Got The Flying Banner Treatment Last Night

We’re about to start day 2 of the first round of the NCAA tournament and a team that you would normally find playing on one of these two days, UCLA, is sitting at home watching after they got bounced by St. Bonaventure in their “First Four” game on Tuesday night. Obviously, this is well below normal UCLA expectations.
So what better way for their fans to get their feeling across to the administration than flying a plane banner above campus? I’ll never get enough of fan bases busting out the banner. We’ve posted a few of these at college football games where an opposing fan bases aim to troll their opponents. Also, Lane Kiffin has been a victim of the plane banner multiple times.
As old-fashioned as it seems, it’s actually a good way to get your message across. These things always blow up pretty┬ánicely on social media. I believe this our first college basketball plane banner. The message is pretty clear: they want Alford gone.

It’s been a tough year for Alford after all the LiAngelo Ball drama, followed by a disappointing season. At least he doesn’t have to deal with LaVar anymore. Although now he might have to worry about where that next paycheck is coming from.
2 banners in 3 years isn’t ideal.

I guess it worked with Jim Mora…that’s from November before he got canned

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