Group Of Michigan Fans Posted Up Behind Ohio State’s Bench To Cheer For South Dakota State

Ann Arbor checking in from Boise. Standing in the Ohio State section as well.

— James Grega Jr. (@JGrega11) March 15, 2018

I’m a big fan of a move like this. This is a move that separates rivalries. The hate really has to run deep to go out and buy tickets right behind Ohio State’s bench just so you can cheer against them. This is Playa Hater Of The Year award worthy.

The nice thing about doing this is you buy these first weekend tickets in sessions. So each game location is broken up into two sessions, each with two games. So these guys got to sit back and enjoy the nailbiting Gonzaga-UNC Greensboro game, then got their hate on in game 2 of the day.

Michigan fans trolling Ohio State behind its bench. 😂

— Justin Spears (@JustinESports) March 15, 2018

There is a Michigan cheering section behind the Ohio State bench with a sign that says "Michigan fans 4 South Dakota State." I count at least six members.

— Adam Jardy (@AdamJardy) March 15, 2018

Love it. Six people all coming together to achieve one goal. It’s why the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is the GOAT.

Also, Michigan isn’t playing until one of the last games of the day. They tip at 9:50 tonight. That’s plenty of time to try and will Ohio State to a loss and still make it back to watch the Fighting Beilein’s.

Just add this one to the list

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