$800 Dollar Bet On UMBC Won Somebody $16,000 Last Night

If you thought you were dreaming or maybe had one too beers last night, somehow UMBC taking down the #1 overall seed Virginia actually happened. I’m still processing at this moment. Virginia was the best defensive team in the nation by a mile, but they just got their ass handed to them by the Retrievers last night. Plain and simple. It was a beat down.
So I’m sure a TON of people lost a lot of money last night with that Virginia loss. A lot of people had them winning it in their brackets and you can just imagine how many¬†people threw down some money on them in Vegas. But we’re not here to talk about the losses. I’m here to talk about winners and this guy who threw down $800 on UMBC last night might end up having a better weekend in Vegas than Jimmy G.
Money line bet was +2000 and that $800 was turned into just under 17 grand. Incredible.

Looking at it again, it’s just reckless bet. Clearly, this guy had money to blow because anybody crazy enough to take the money line on that game is an insane person. Or somebody with a MAJOR gambling addiction.
Somehow it all worked out and this guy is $16k richer. One of the ALL-TIME gambling wins. This one will go down in history.

Some other bets from this game

This guy cashed in over $7,000 on a $40 parlay.

And this guy might have to be on suicide watch for the next few days.

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