Watch This Referee Royally Screw Harvard In The NIT

Yeah, we have the big tournament starting this afternoon, but I want to take a stroll over to the NIT for a minute while we’re waiting for the important games to tip-off.
I’m guessing since we have a thousand NCAA tournament games over the next four days, that any ref who’s semi-competent (outside of our old friend TV Teddy) will be working those games, so everyone left over got shipped out to the NIT. Last night it showed.
We’ll fast-forward to late in the game of last night’s NIT action between Harvard and Marquette. The Fighting Nerds had been playing from behind for most of the game, but made a run and cut it within striking distance. At this point, it’s a two-possession game, Harvard just forced a turnover and looked to cut it to 3 points with a wide open corner three. But not if this clumsy ass ref has anything to do about it!

These Harvard kids never a catch break, huh?
You things like this all the time in football. You know that ref who stands in the middle of the defensive backfield? Those guys good for a few big hits or pass deflections over the middle when a receiver is clearly open. Basketball is different. It’s hard to get in the way and really ruin a play. Not only did this ref get in the way, but he did at the most crucial moment. Then kept the game rolling like it was no biggie.
Good thing big dance ref will be better. I can’t imagine one of them being the dedicing factor in an important game.

You can watch the full ending here:

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