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Sports Media - page 5
Aug 5, 2015

My Piece Of Rovell Finally Arrived In The Mail

  There it is! It finally arrived in the mail…my very own piece of Rovell. You know how many trading...

Aug 5, 2015

Charissa Thompson Would Murder Her Ex-Husband If She Could Get Away With It

  Of course this is all hypothetical and Charissa Thompson is just playing along with McLovin and the Dan Patrick...

Jul 31, 2015

Busted Coverage Podcast #5: Having To Defend The Block O

  I knew it was coming this morning. I was driving to my weekly radio show hit and just shook...

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What Does It All Mean That Pageviews & Stoll Wanted Seen Last Night?

  I’ve let this one go all day because I was still processing it all. So we have Pageviews and...

Jul 29, 2015

I Just Spent $5.75 On A Darren Rovell Baseball Card That Includes A Piece Of His Pink Shirt

  I don’t usually buy baseball cards on Twitter, but when I do, it’s usually a Darren Rovell 2015 Topps...

Jul 28, 2015

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Jul 27, 2015

Chris Berman Spotted In Hawaii Looking Pretty Good

Back, back, back, back, Hawaii.

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Jul 24, 2015

Busted Coverage Podcast 4: I Let Paul In Toledo Talk Way Too Long

  So I learned a valuable radio lesson today on the Morning Blitz with Anthony Bellino and Chris Burns. Some...

Jul 21, 2015

Katie Nolan Nailed a Fan’s Sign With a Hot Dog Launcher at the Phillies Game

Cross it off the bucket list. What a blast! Thanks @Phillies — Katie Nolan (@katienolan) July 22, 2015 Fox...

Jul 20, 2015

Looks Like Jarret Stoll & Erin Andrews Are All Good Now

  Hand on Pageviews’ ass, workin’ on a Pacifico las week at a post-Nickelodeon awards show party, everything seems to...

Jul 19, 2015

Chris Berman To One Of His Big Fans: ‘Get The Hell Outta Here’

@bustedcoverage @arjones02 he was not enjoying my company at the game. — Joe Roszman (@TheJroszman) July 18, 2015  ...

Jul 17, 2015

Busted Coverage Face-To-Face With JJ Watt At Gatorade Awards Show

  Not going to lie, the first time I saw J.J. Watt this week at the Gatorade High School Player...

Jul 17, 2015

Slick Chris Berman Was Up To His Old Tricks In Cincy

  Chris Berman turned 60 in May, but that hasn’t slowed down the old mack daddy in his pursuit to...

Jul 14, 2015

Erin Andrews Says Steve Spurrier is On Fleek, Twitter Troll Calls Her Old

It must be college football season, because University of South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier showed up to SEC Media...

Jul 13, 2015

Charissa Thompson Is Even Hotter In Person…On A Red Carpet & Thru My iPhone 5s

  I finally had Charissa Thompson five feet in front of me and it happened last night at the MLB...

Jul 10, 2015

Busted Coverage Podcast #2: I Was A Little Rusty This Morning

  Not going to lie, I was a little rusty this morning for the in-studio appearance with @BellinoNBC and @chris_burns65 ...

Jul 3, 2015

Busted Coverage Podcast: In Studio With The Morning Blitz & Cody Lampl

  Listen, I don’t do many sports radio shows for a couple reasons (1.) I’m not asked very often to...

Jun 29, 2015

Erin Andrews Resurfaces With Her Coke Mule Boyfriend Jarret Stoll

Looks like Pageviews is going to try to make it work with Stoll.

Jun 25, 2015

Molly Qerim Lands ESPN’s ‘First Take’ Gig

Sitting between Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless, how fun!

Jun 25, 2015

Florida State Fan Absolutely Curbed Stomped Me On How Blogging Works

  Meet my new buddy John Hinsey (above left). How odd that he’s a Hinsey and I’m a Kinsey. Very...

Jun 18, 2015

LeBron James Is Bringing A Lot Of Sex To Cleveland, According To A News Anchor

One of my favorite things in the world is when news anchors screw up their words and say something inappropriate...

Jun 17, 2015

ESPN’s Kaylee Hartung Talks About TCU No Hitter In Front Of TCU Coach, TCU Loses

@KayleeHartung Have some feel. — Dylan Fitzgerald (@DFitz38) June 17, 2015   Annnnnnddd…Kaylee Hartung is officially enemy number uno...

Jun 15, 2015

Dan The Intern Beefing On-Air With Some Tampa Radio Guy Named Johnny B

  I guess Danny the Intern wrote some shit over the weekend about Tampa being a dump in a Jameis...

Jun 12, 2015

Salty CMT Music Awards Viewer Says Erin Andrews Can’t Read

We all know Erin Andrews is no stranger to hate tweets, so it makes total sense that she was on...

Jun 9, 2015

Kathryn Tappen Might Need A Restraining Order Against This Creeper

  Calm down, Horatio Sanz. Play it cool. You don’t want to get slapped with the restraining hammer from Kathryn...

Jun 5, 2015

Erin Andrews Shuts Down Doris Burke Hater

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our pal, Erin Andrews. Now that “Dancing With the Stars” is over...

Jun 2, 2015

Bob Ley Quotes ‘The Wire,’ Strengthens Bid to Become Next FIFA President

ESPN’s Bob Ley has been on an absolute tear lately burning soon-to-be former FIFA president, Sepp Blatter. Last Friday, Ley...

May 23, 2015

What’s That Wet Spot On Chris Berman’s Pants?

    Chris Berman might’ve turned 60 on May 10, but that hasn’t slowed him down when it comes to...