Ooooo…Bad Boy Mike Greenberg Calls Anonymous College Coach "Pathetic Chicken"
If you were hoping for the basic AF white guy on Get Up! to go TF OFF on an anonymous college football coach who accused Nick Saban of cheating in an anonymous questionnaire sent out by CBS Sports, then Mike Greenberg wasn’t your guy. Just when Greeny had the chance to drop some real ferocious fire on the anonymous coach who made this claim, Mike went all in by calling that coach a “pathetic chicken.”
Nothing screams HOA fees like “pathetic chicken” being dropped by the guy who wants so badly to show he has a Clay Travis side (even if it’s fake outrage) to him.
Here’s the quote from Greenberg in case you’re at work and can’t play audio:

“If you’re going to accuse Nick Saban of cheating under the cloak of anonymity, to whichever coach it is who’s saying this, you are a pathetic chicken, that’s what you are. You are a pathetic coward. And you are the same person who is challenging your players in practice every single day to be brave, to be there, to be on that line — 105 degrees outside. We’re going to practice hard today, you’re not getting any water, you’re not taking a break because that would make you soft. Oh, but under the cloak of anonymity, I’m going to say Nick Saban, the best coach in college football that probably kicks my behind every single season is out-recruiting me because he’s cheating. That is pathetic and soft.”

I’m starting to think Greeny has been reading his own press. Like this one from a couple weeks ago.

From that same WEEI post:

A lot of this falls back on Greenberg. He never generates reaction, spewing mealy-mouthed monologues about topics ranging from Tom Brady abruptly ending his training camp scrum to the Astros acquiring alleged domestic abuser Roberto Osuno. Last week, here is what Greenberg had to say about Boston Globe reporter Ben Volin asking Brady about Julian Edelman’s connection to Alex Guerrero and TB12:
“I thought it was really interesting. I can’t make up my own mind if I think the question is legitimate or illegitimate,” Greenberg said, committing the cardinal sin of vacillation just two sentences into his take. “I’m not sure if that’s even the right way to describe it. But Alex Guerrero has become such an incredibly significant figure around the Patriots for a variety of reasons, and of them having to do with this. But when you heard Edelman was suspended, and that he was working with Guerrero, it is a connection that was made in certain places. Again, no one is painting a picture of, ‘Clearly Guerrero is funneling these guys PEDs.’ No one is saying that. I don’t think the question necessarily was suggesting that. But there is an inference, I guess. I understand Brady being made upset by it.”

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