ESPN Cleveland’s Aaron Goldhammer Finally Ate Horse Crap (Allegedly)

— Dustin A. (@ANut1331) September 7, 2018

Aaron Goldhammer finally went through with his bet to eat horse crap if the Browns took Baker Mayfield at No. 1 overall in the NFL Draft. Of course it went down on ESPN Cleveland’s PPV stream so we have to deal with the video we’re getting from today’s event where Aaron munched down.

We also don’t get a really good shot of what’s in that bowl, so can we definitively say that’s a big pile of horse crap? No, we can’t, but it would be a very bad look to try to fool Cleveland fans, especially the guy at the Cavs parade who really ate a pile.

You might also remember Goldhammer as the guy who did the fist pumps when the Browns selected Johnny all those years ago.

“If the @Browns take Baker Mayfield I’ll eat horse poop.” — @HammerNation19

The world is going to quickly learn the name “Aaron Goldhammer” from @ESPNCleveland.

— David Sentendrey (@DavidFox46) April 27, 2018