D-backs Sideline Reporter Kate Longworth Gets Soaked By Steven Souza’s Bucket

Was it @KateLongworth who won the game? Or was this targeting? Seems like targeting. pic.twitter.com/mxDMrFthTG

— FOX Sports Arizona (@FOXSPORTSAZ) August 22, 2018

The Arizona Diamondbacks might now be targeting sideline reporter Kate Longworth with Gatorade bucket showers. What happened last night after A.J. Pollock laid down a bunt that led to the winning run over the Angels sure looked like intentional targeting to me. I mean, one guy already soaked Pollock and then another comes in with a bucket with Kate’s name on it.

That’s outfielder Steven Souza Jr. with the bucket of ice cold water right into Kate’s back. Being the good sport that she is, Kate is just going with it right now, even using a hashtag that would be turned into a six-figure t-shirt business if this were happening in Cleveland or Boston. (Let’s not forget the all-time Kateorade photo from back on April 2.)

The D-backs are 70-56 and 1 /1/2 up on the Rockies right now in the West. At this pace Kate’s looking at multiple showers between now and the playoffs. By the middle of September she’s going to be doing postgame celebrations while wearing Gore-Tex.

Undercover (or water) Reporting? Thanks for the pic of the #KateoradeShowerhttps://t.co/XbDk7P4mTT

— Kate Longworth (@KateLongworth) August 22, 2018

A #Ruff day at the office, hanging with "Crash" the famous lab belonging to @Dbacks @ArchieBradley7 who went missing earlier this season but thanks to the power of #Twitter @verified found his way home #DogGoneItGoodStory #DogsBaboons and #Dbacks pic.twitter.com/dBAEJRcXJX

— Kate Longworth (@KateLongworth) August 4, 2018

Let’s see that from a different angle:

Play of the game last night. #dbacks @KateLongworth @Dbacks @SouzaJr pic.twitter.com/wTTRHIz38F

— Jim Hamilton (@hamiltonarts) August 22, 2018