13 Best Screencaps From Skip Bayless On Kevin Hart's Cold As Balls Show

Here I thought the Kevin Hart ‘Cold As Balls’ video series wouldn’t give us much legitimate content. How wrong I was after Hart’s marketing crew sent me an email today letting me know that the newest episode featured Skip Bayless in the cold tub. I watched the 12 minute or so episode and nothing really came out of it. It’s no secret that Skip Bayless hits the gym. That’s an old Internet thing. Us old guys knew it.
The episode isn’t worth watching, but it did provide plenty of HD opportunities for Photoshop guys out there who have been waiting for Skip to provide them with something to work with. I expect memes to start rolling in later today when word starts to spread about these shots.
From Kevin’s marketing team:

Episode highlights include:

  • Skip opens up the interview by accusing Kevin of “sabotaging” his beloved 76ers in the playoffs. (1:20)

  • Skip shares what led him to get into sports journalism. (1:53)

  • Kevin confronts Skip on his hatred of Lebron, asking him to explain why he always picks on the 3x NBA Champion. (5:40)

  • The episode caps with Skip sharing his thoughts on the Kawhi Leonard saga and detailing the inside information he gathered from the team during the conflict. (10:07)

Trust me, it’s boring.



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