Genevieve From West Chester U. Wants To Be A Broadcaster


This isn’t the first time Genevieve from West Chester has been profiled this year on BC, but it’s the first time that I can see where we’ve announced that Genevieve is an aspiring broadcaster. Of course those of you who’ve been around over the years know that’s an automatic game-changer because that becomes a possible sideline reporter situation and I’m still down with ladies aspiring to be sideline reporter, broadcasters, anchors, etc. because the world can never have enough.

Look at all these sports networks where venture capitalists throw big money. They’re always needing a sideline reporter just out of college to fill the open spots. They’re always looking for some fresh out of college IG model to do an Arkansas State-Tulane game.

I’m not sure if sports are Genevieve’s thing, but that doesn’t matter because all she has to do at halftime is ask the same question as all the other sideline reporters: “Coach, what 2nd half adjustments does your team need to make?” BOOM, instant content. Then you throw in a couple of injury reports from the medical staff even though there’s probably some HIPPA law you’re breaking and the viewer at home is happy AF.

If Genevieve goes the local TV route, it’s even easier. You program your brain to read words, act like you really give a shitt about what you’re reading (act compassionate, concerned) and throw it to the horny weather guy who will tell  you the humidity is going to be high and to expect afternoon showers. He throws it back to you, hits on you, you smile, tell Tom thanks, smile again and intro some dog video that takes viewers to the commercials.

And you do it over and over and over for like 30 years, make like $125k at some small Triple-A city station, become the queen of the town (you’ll be hosting Susan G. Komen events) and life will be great. You’ll be driving around whatever car is made in your city and people will kiss your ass forever.

I’m telling you, Genevieve is going to have one helluva broadcasting career if she sticks with it.