Erin Andrews' Golden Retriever Goes To Cesar Millan Training Camp

Erin Andrews and husband Jarret Stoll have called in an expert to deal with their golden retriever Howard and a couple of issues their good boy needs to work through. It sounds like one of the problems is leash aggression. If you’ve ever had a dog that pulls, it can be difficult to deal with. In California you call in the legend Cesar Millan and his Dog Psychology Center to get Howie into Cesar’s pack.
You know how this goes: Howie had to find his spot in the pack. That means he got to run along as Cesar biked around the California mountains. You also know that Pageviews and Stolly had to go through a consultation and they had to learn some behavior rules on how to properly handle big Howie.
It’s unclear if Pageviews turned this into a TV opportunity and I have zero clue if Cesar’s show is even on TV these days. Not looking it up. What’s clear here is that owner and dog are learning how to coexist and Cesar will show them the way. I’m guessing all of this took about an hour of TV time.
How much is it to get Cesar Millan to personally work with your dog? I have no clue, his site won’t say.

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