Joy Taylor Engaged To Earl Watson

It’s all over, guys. Earl Watson went and took the steps to get engaged to Joy Taylor over the weekend while you were getting drunk and being a loser. She’s now about to be fully off the market and yet another one of the great ones is about to be locked down by a guy who made $42.7 million during his NBA career and a little bit more as a NBA coach.
That said, Earl might end up being the stay-at-home mom now that Joy’s career is taking off at Fox Sports 1 where she’s Colin Cowherd’s news lady and gaining steam on a daily basis as a sports news personality. Am I crazy to think there’s going to be a bidding war for Joy Taylor (yes, Jason Taylor’s sister) the next time she’s due for a contract? I’m telling you right now, ESPN would love to put her on a show like Get Up. Trust me here.
Anyway, Joy, 31, and Earl will now go into engagement mode while football season chugs along. I’ll predict a June wedding after the NBA season finishes up and we go into sports world wedding & vacation season.

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ESPN Cleveland's Aaron Goldhammer Finally Ate Horse Crap (Allegedly)
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