TV Reporter Nation Is Furious A Woman Kissed A Milwaukee TV Reporter On The Cheek During Brewers Report

Well this was eventful….

Poor @AshleySears6 😳

— PackerDriven (@PackerDriven) October 14, 2018

The big news you might not have heard this weekend out of Milwaukee is that a woman possibly all liquored up — I have to say that so the lawyers stay off my ass — at Kelly’s Bleachers bar planted a big kiss on the side of Fox 6 reporter Ashley Sears’ face during a live shot. Sears wasn’t amused by it and has been comforted by those in TV Reporter Nation who are not happy with the actions of the possibly intoxicated fan.

I’m not sure if this situation has played into it, but Sears hasn’t been on Twitter since the incident which is weird because of how crazy it is right now in Milwaukee with the NLCS news cycle going nuts. “Don’t be this person,” Sears tweeted Saturday night.

“I was shaking and I felt embarrassed. I walked out of the place. She offered to buy me a drink and was very intoxicated. Rather than freaking out, I walked away,” she added before going dark on Twitter.

Look at the grip that Brewers woman uses. I guess that would freak me out too. She wasn’t letting Ashley’s face get away without a kiss. That left hand to the neck is quite the attack move here. Strong grip. Beer muscles. Ladies, this isn’t the 1990s or even the early 2000s. You can’t just be going up to female TV reporters and hammering them with a kiss. Your ass will get splattered across social and that bar kiss will get you in trouble.

Fair warning out there, ladies.

Nothing good happens after 8 hours of drinking. Don’t be this person.

— Ashley Sears (@AshleySears6) October 14, 2018

Yes, FOX6 is the “competition” but that’s irrelevant. Ashley is my friend, works hard and she deserves respect. It’s disgusting that people (sober or wasted) think this is okay behavior.

— Ben Hutchison (@Ben__Hutchison) October 14, 2018

Absolutely uncalled for. Don't care if it's a light-hearted story like celebrating sports, reporters shouldn't have to deal with people possibly kissing them during a live shot.

— Jeff Wagner (@Jeff_Wagner4) October 14, 2018

Well said @Jeff_Wagner4 ! That was uncalled for. @AshleySears6 you handled that like a pro. I’m sorry that happened to you friend. I just don’t understand people sometimes.

— Sophia Beausoleil (@KPRC2SophiaB) October 14, 2018