Nebraska Cornhuskers

Feb 23, 2018

Buy A Nebraska Short Bus For The Scott Frost Era

Tailgate like you never jumped off the Cornhuskers under Mike Riley.

Feb 21, 2018

Buy This Nebraska Short Bus For the Scott Frost Era — $9,950

Did you lose out on the eBay bidding war that broke out over the Nebraska Cornhuskers ambulance we posted last...

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May 20, 2017

Meet McKenna From Nebraska

Big Ten has been underrepresented here

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Nov 8, 2015

Nebraska Fan Loses His Mind After The Big Win Over Michigan State

While the majority of the country was watching LSU-Alabama last night, there was another game on between Michigan State and...

Buy This Nebraska Ultimate Tailgating Bus — $7000

  We’ve been counting down to college football season on the Busted College Twitter account and as of today, we...

Aug 23, 2015

Buy the “Ultimate” Nebraska Cornhuskers Tailgate RV — $3,500

  Most of the Big 10 tailgate vehicles we see are limited to just Ohio State and the University of...

Jun 1, 2015

Indiana Forced To Move Spring Game Indoors Due To Tornadoes [PHOTOS]

The Indiana Hoosier spring game was scheduled for today but the weather wasn't cooperating for the Hoosiers. A severe tornado watch forced the Indiana Hoosiers to move their scrimmage inside to their indoor practice facility. Weather has been a problem for spring games across the country for other programs. The Nebraska Cornhuskers were also forced to move indoors for their spring game. HT @zwilk7 JUMP!

Apr 14, 2012

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Aug 18, 2011

Nebraska’s CornFinger Looks Suspiciously Like The Shocker [Photos]

A hand gesture to support the Nebraska Cornhuskers that looks like a sexual reference, but can also be construed to look like a cob corn -- now why didn't we think of that? We'll tell you why. Because we come from places populous enough to have something called the NFL and because we have jobs. For those of you in Nebraska, here's the CornFinger!

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