When Should Nebraska Pull Plug On The Scott Frost Era?


The Nebraska football team and head coach Scott Frost kicked off the 2021 season with a loss that sums up Nebraska’s football program in the short tenure that Frost has been there. The Cornhuskers attempted a rally, but Illinois held them off for a 22-30 victory. The game was ugly for Nebraska from beginning to end. At one point, Illinois enjoyed a 9-30 lead, and Nebraska’s final offensive drive had them running a QB sneak on 1st down because they thought it was fourth down. The pressure is on Frost to right the ship but is it already too late for that?

Twitter Reaction To Nebraska Loss

If Scott Frost uses Twitter, he really needed to stay away after the game on Saturday. Fans of Nebraska and sports media members were having a great day letting one of the university’s favorite sons realize his dreams are becoming nightmares. In 2017, Forst finished an undefeated season with UCF and became the head coaching darling for the next season that many fan bases clamored to answer all of their problems. Maybe all the blame can’t be put on coach Frost.

The Nebraska Culture

Colin Cowherd’s comments are words that Nebraska fans don’t want to hear, but maybe he is onto something with what he said. The powerhouses of old don’t stay on top without changing to the times. As Cowherd referenced, what works 23 years ago may not work anymore, which goes for anything in life. While Frost should shoulder some blame, the university needs to take a look at the college football landscape and realize the program is a lot farther behind than they anticipated. The team hasn’t had a winning record since 2016 under then-head coach Mike Riley who replaced a coach that never won under nine games in Bo Pelini. The program may need to realize that winning nine games or more a year is actually terrific no matter the standards you believe you should have.

The full brunt of the blame will lay on Scott’s shoulders when he is inevitably fired from his dream job. However, this issue will not be fixed by firing and hiring then repeat. Nebraska is a program searching for an identity living off of past accomplishments. The past is the past, and the university has to figure out a way to be relevant and win now. This program has the assets and the passion to reach the mountain top again. It just doesn’t seem like Scott Frost is the man to be there if it does happen.

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