8-Year-Old Nebraska Boy Tells Scott Frost He Wants Bama

Kids these days get so greedy. They’re not even millennials, but they act just as entitled as your typical millennial when it comes to getting what they want because their parents are too busy to say no and put up the fight that comes with telling a millennial no.
Take this 8-year-old Nebraska fan who wrote this letter for Huskers head coach Scott Frost. Posted by second grade teacher Kaela Cole from Sidney, Nebraska, the message was a little rambling, but I’m pretty impressed by the handwriting and the ability to analyze things through two weeks.

Dear Scott Frost,
Scott we need to add Alabama to are season because we need to test. You and Stanley Morgan Jr. needs to work on his footwork and Ziggy Stardust too. The CU game was good. We tried are hardest but we played Akron. We wouldn’t of lost that football. And if Adrian Martinez was not injured, we might of won. Someday I play for you. It would be an hour to play for you. It will be really cool if you write back.

Need a test? C’mon bro, Colorado was enough of a test and that didn’t go well. One small step at a time here. Scott isn’t going anywhere for the rest of his life unless he fails miserably and that’s unlikely to happen as long as Nebraska plays in the Big Ten West or whatever they call it. Beat Wisconsin and you’re going to win the West. It’s actually a shame that Nebraska has been such a disaster over the last how many years it’s been since Tom Osbourne hung up the whistle.

Plus kid, you have to get in line because UCF has been begging:

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