Miami Marlins

Aug 8, 2018

Meet Hayley Milon — Fiancee Of Marlins 1B Justin Bour

Hayley Milon is no stranger to the Busted Coverage site. We posted a blog about her back in 2014 when...

Report: Marlins Axe Their Sea Creature Race

Still cleaning house in Miami.

Feb 12, 2018

MLB Job Posting: Marlins Looking For a Back-Up Mascot

It appears the Miami Marlins are actually in need of two mascots before the 2018 season gets going. Last week,...

Feb 8, 2018

May 21, 2016

Meet Lexy Panterra, The Internet Twerkout Star Who Threw Out The First Pitch At The Marlins Game Last Night

Well, the Marlins have gotten to the point where they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel to increase...

May 4, 2016

Giant Antlers Behind Home Plate At Marlins Game

Let the investigation begin!

Sep 29, 2015

Wives & Girlfriends of the MLB: NL East

  When the season began, the National League East was supposed to be the best division in the National League,...

Aug 25, 2015

Just Checking His Armpit Stench At the Marlins Game

Get a big whiff of that pit, my man.

Jul 30, 2015

Marlins Break Baseball Code, Play Fart Noises During Nats BP

And here are the Marlins batting practice fart noises, with Matt Williams reacting — Brody Logan (@BrodyLogan) July 29,...

Apr 17, 2015

The Best Clevelander Photos From Marlins Opening Week

Considering the Marlins’ sexy offseason additions of Dee Gordon, Mat Latos, and Mike Morse, Opening Week could’ve gone a whole...

Nov 18, 2014

Giancarlo Stanton Celebrated $325 Million Contract With Massive Bottle Of Champagne

  Giancarlo Stanton, who will make $68,493 per day for 13 years, celebrated his new $325,000,000 contract last night with...

Apr 13, 2013

Marlins Pitcher Jose Fernandez Eaten By His Jacket [GIF]

Miami Marlins’ pitching prospect Jose Fernandez is young and talented. He’s making his Marlins’ Park debut tonight. The emphasis is...

Apr 10, 2013

The Miami Marlins Clevelander Bar Is Open For Business; Body Paint Is Back!

Remember last year when we told you guys Miami’s Marlins Park would be the place to be? Remember all photos...

Mar 25, 2013

Marlins Selling Opening Day Half-Price Tickets On Groupon

How bad are things when the Miami Marlins have to sell opening day tickets on Groupon? Seriously, if you have...

Sep 6, 2012

Snotty Girl Gets Baseball At Marlins Game…With Help Of Her Hot Mom [VIDEO]

If you are expecting sympathy from us in this post, stop reading now. This girl is infuriating. She didn't get a ball that she thought she deserved so she threw a hissy-fit for an inning. The girl was literally screaming and flailing her arms until she got her baseball. Props to the players for ignoring her too. Flat-out not giving the girl the time of day...that is until her MILF of a mom flashed some cleavage. Never seen a baseball get tossed into a crowd that fast before! JUMP!

Apr 15, 2012

The Awkward Miami Marlin’s Homerun Structure Finally Got Used [VIDEO]

The Miami Marlins finally hit a homerun in their new stadium so you know what that means. This awkward structure of random Miami things got animated and water shot out of it. Omar Infante was the lucky Miami Marlin to nail the homerun in their new stadium. More Marlins memorabilia has been sold since the stadium opened than in the last 3 years combined. The video after the JUMP!