Marlins Man Is Officially A Free Agent And Is Being Courted By Other MLB Teams

I hope you’ve been following along with this Marlins Man vs. Derek Jeter feud because things are starting to get real juicy for the world’s most famous baseball fan. Earlier in the week, friend of the site Andy Slater reported that Marlins Man sent the Marlins a $200,000 check to renew his season tickets behind home plate for the next three seasons.
The Marlins, or maybe even Jeter personally, rejected this offer.

Now we have a situation on our hands. Marlins Man is officially done with the Marlins and is now considering himself a free agent. The first time in 25 years, Marlins Man will not be a season ticket holder in Miami.
Here’s the best part about this story: Marlins Man already has teams courting his fandom. It’s like NBA free agency for this guy. He’s taking phone calls and hearing pitches from other clubs, who want him to ditch the famous orange Marlins uni for theirs.
Rovell has the details:

The only Marlins games he says he plans to attend are the Yankees-Marlins series at Yankee Stadium. He also says he’s considering keeping the orange jersey he wears but taking the Marlins logo off of it. He said he’ll also consider wearing the jersey of another interested team that would be more appreciative of him.
“Four teams reached out to me already and said that I could become, like, the Tigers man or other teams, and they would be happy to sell me tickets on TV view for three years paid in advance with a substantial discount,” said Leavy, who has become the most famous fan in sports by sitting at prime sporting events in some of the best seats. He is sitting in a great seat for an average of 285 sporting events a year, he estimates.

Somebody find Jim Gray and let’s televise this thing. Who’s not watching Marlins Man’s “Decision?”. We’re getting towards the slow part of the sports calendar, put this thing in primetime.

Marlins Man isn’t playing games…check out this shot at Jeter

Said Leavy: “Derek Jeter is a Hall of Fame player and a virgin and inexperienced corporate owner and baseball manager of a team. I wish them luck and success, and I hope that they have a winning team in my lifetime.”

The real sad part about this story? It looks like we won’t be seeing any Mermaids this season

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