Report: Marlins Axe Their Sea Creature Race

The bad news just keeps rolling in for mascots employed by the Miami Marlins. First it was the 14-year vet who played Billy the Marlin who was kicked to the curb, and now the four souls who participate in the “Sea Creature Race,” basically the team’s version of racing Presidents, also won’t return for 2018.

940-AM WINZ’s Andy Slater reported the news that should bum out some kids on Twitter:

SLATER SCOOP: Another Marlins offseason casualty. The sea creature race is no more, source says.

— Andy Slater (@AndySlater) February 12, 2018

While most of the public may not be aware this was even a thing at Marlins games, the Sea Creature Race has been around since 2012. Go ahead and watch these whacked out animals do their thing — you obviously won’t be able to see them in person anymore: