Dee Gordon Liked an Anti-Derek Jeter Instagram Post

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Many star players were traded from the Miami Marlins this past offseason, but perhaps no one has been affected more than Dee Gordon. Not only did he have to relocate all the way to the other side of the country, but his new team, the Mariners, acquired him to play center field — because that’s what you do when you acquire an All-Star second baseman and already have Robinson Cano on your team.
FanRag’s Jon Heyman reported “It’s going good” for Dee in a story today, but his social media activity shows he still has some salt over Derek Jeter and the new regime tearing down everything in Miami.
This “Worst Owner in Baseball” photoshop with the Captain was recently liked by the new outfielder:

via Instagram

This isn’t too shocking given Dee told the Sun-Sentinel in December what happened to the team was “embarrassing”:

“It’s terrible,” Gordon said. “It’s almost — I’m not even going to say almost. It’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing. I don’t want to bash anyone, but what’s happened is not good.”
“No disrespect to anybody, but those are your best three players. You let them go,” Gordon said. “Not because they underperformed. But because of something you [new ownership] can’t take care of.”

We’re guessing the Captain probably lost his “God” status with Dee:

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