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Jose Canseco
Sep 4, 2016

Jose Canseco Says His Bobblehead Is A Pre-Steroid Version Of Himself

Last night, the Oakland A’s had Jose Canseco in town for his own bobblehead night and to throw out the...

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Jan 16, 2016

Watch Josie Canseco Eat Pizza In A Bath Tub In Mike Stud’s New Music Video

Jose Canseco might be a crazy person, but he has some great genes that produced one of the hottest girls...

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Jose Canseco Whips and Nae Naes While Driving

We can always leave it to Jose Canseco and Leila Knight to keep things interesting on Twitter. One day they’re...

Aug 24, 2015

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Jul 19, 2015

When Jose Canseco Says He’s “Mowing The Lawn” It’s Not Innuendo

@bustedcoverage he’s at it again — Leila Knight (@ModelLeila) July 19, 2015 I was sitting around Saturday night just...

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Jul 2, 2015

Jose Canseco’s Having Some Plumbing Issues

Planning on crashing at Jose Canseco’s home to learn everything about baseball? Well, first off, that’s an interesting investment. Second,...

Jun 15, 2015

Watch Jose Canseco Go Yard for the Sonoma Stompers

In case you haven’t heard, my boss Joe is currently weighing the pros and cons of spending $5,000 to learn...

Jun 5, 2015

Pay $5,000 To Stay At Jose Canseco’s House & Learn Hitting

  The big highlight of the week on Twitter had to be Jose Canseco coming up with the idea to...

May 29, 2015

Independent Baseball Team Signs Jose Canseco, Will Commemorate His Blasted Finger With Foam Finger Giveaway

#StompersBaseball sign @JoseCanseco for June 12-13. Get tickets today and read more here–> — Sonoma Stompers (@SonomaStompers) May...

May 28, 2015

Jose Canseco and Leila Knight Saved a Pigeon, Need a Name

When people see an ailing bird on the ground, I’m guessing the initial reaction from most people isn’t, “Better get...

May 15, 2015

Jose Canseco is Done With ‘American Idol’

It was announced this week that the 15th season of “American Idol” would be its last. I’m assuming most of...

Apr 20, 2015

Jose Canseco on Alex Rodriguez: “He’s the man.”

Alex Rodriguez is off to such a terrific start this season that he has people other than Yankees fans jumping...

Apr 15, 2015

Jose Canseco Not a Fan of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

Jose Canseco may be available for home run derbies (for the low cost of $5,000), but you better think twice...

Apr 10, 2015

I Just Changed My Mind About Hiring Jose Canseco For A Home Run Derby

  Noooooo way am I hiring Canseco for that summer home run derby thing I was thinking about. I’m out....

Mar 27, 2015

I’m Looking To Hire Jose Canseco To Do A BC Home Run Derby

I've always wondered if I could beat Canseco in a derby.

Mar 23, 2015

Jose Canseco and Leila Knight Do Movie Night, McLovin Chimes In

How’d you spend your Saturday night? Club hard at the douchiest spot imaginable? Swipe away on Tinder? Watch degenerates pound...

Mar 3, 2015

Jose Canseco Firmly Backs All Superheroes

With the wave of anti-police sentiment sweeping the country, it’s become clear that there is only one solution to bring...

Jan 12, 2015

Jose Canseco and Leila Knight Do Date Night At Treasure Island

  After months of physical and emotional pain, it looks like Jose Canseco has landed back on his feet. His...

Jan 6, 2015

Jose Canseco’s Stages of Finger Healing

  Man, time sure does fly. It seems like it was just yesterday when Jose Canseco carelessly blasted his finger...

Dec 16, 2014

Jose Canseco Buddy Tapes Blasted Finger, Declares Himself Ready for Softball

  On Monday, BC commander Joe Kinsey provided a status update on the finger Jose Canseco blew off while cleaning...

Dec 15, 2014

Jose Canseco’s Finger Is Healing Nicely

      Remember how Jose Canseco shot off his finger while cleaning one of his guns? Of course you...

Dec 3, 2014

How Jose Canseco & Leila Knight Split Their Pets Post-Breakup

Just when you thought Jose Canseco and model Leila Knight were going to make it, the former MLB slugger just...

Dec 2, 2014

Jose Canseco Attempting to Rebound with Shania Twain

Jose Canseco has had a rough couple of months. Losing a finger then your model fiancée (a couple of days...

Oct 30, 2014

Take A Tour Of The House Where Jose Canseco Blew Off His Middle Finger

  I rarely bother sending you guys on a tour of a house where an athlete lives unless he/she is...

Oct 29, 2014

Four-Fingered Jose Canseco

Got no sleep. Hope I can keep my finger but grateful it wasn’t something worse @ModelLeila my nurse taking good...

Dec 26, 2013

HOA Tells Jose Canseco To Remove Diaper-Wearing Goats From House

And now Jose Canseco is in trouble for those goats he has living in his house. The roided meathead posted...

Dec 2, 2013

Jose Canseco Lets Pet Goats Roam Around In His House

  Remember a week or so ago when Jose Canseco was pulled over with a goat wearing a diaper in...

Oct 15, 2013

Jose Canseco, 49, Plays In 50 & Over Florida Softball Tournament

Once a cheater, always a cheater, right? Leave it to Jose Canseco, 49, to play in a 50 & over...

Jun 29, 2013

Jose Canseco Dancing In A Speedo Might Ruin Your Weekend [VIDEO]

Former MLB slugger Jose Canseco would do just about anything you asked him to if it meant holding on to...

Apr 18, 2013

Best Of Jose Canseco’s Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’

Jose Canseco took time out of his busy schedule today for a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ session that quickly turned...