Jose Canseco

Jan 3, 2017

Jose Canseco Slams Rob Manfred About HOF Voting And PED Users On Twitter

There are few things better on the internet than when Jose Canseco gets his Twitter juices flowing and let’s loose on people. Last night he skipped over the time travel talk and alien tweets in order to go after MLB...

Oct 19, 2016

Jose Canseco Undergoes Hair Transplant Procedure

Even at 52 years old, former MLBer Jose Canseco is still doing his thing and traveling around the country participating in home run derbies. But while Jose still has thunder in his bat, age has done a number in one...

Sep 4, 2016

Jose Canseco Says His Bobblehead Is A Pre-Steroid Version Of Himself

Last night, the Oakland A’s had Jose Canseco in town for his own bobblehead night and to throw out the first pitch, which was surprising to me because I was pretty sure every MLB team he played for had basically...