Josie Canseco Hits The Beach, Phillies Fan Of The Year & Russian Farmer Builds Straw Soccer Stadium

I have no clue what to watch tonight. Might just go out on the patio, drink a couple beers and listen to Pandora. One of those nights. Maybe watch the birds hammer the feeders. Maybe cut the grass, pour some pea gravel into the new fire pit. You know, suburban man shit. Maybe fire up the grill. Kick back. We’re running out of days to do this. Football is near.
Jose Canseco’s daughter hits the beach
Holy sheeeet — Alexis Ren’s best photo in a long long time
Mom takes bong hits while breastfeeding — what a time to be alive
Flattened! South Alabama football facility goes down — look at this!
Russian farmer builds a soccer field out of straw 
This Florida Woman got topless, went off the rails
Toledo’s NBC station strikes again
Here’s Sofia Bevarly from FIU

Phillies Fan of the Year

Burger of the Day

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