Jose Canseco: ARod Is Cheating On JLo With My Ex-Wife, Jessica

via Twitter

Wild man Jose Canseco is at it again, this time breaking a silent Twitter streak by firing up the social media app to claim that Alex Rodriguez is cheating on Jennifer Lopez with Canseco’s ex-wife, Jessica. The claims come the same weekend as ARod asked JLo to marry him with a massive diamond rock that left her unable to say ‘no’ to ARod on one knee. Then along came Jose with the explosive claims on a Sunday night.

Jose’s ex-wife Jessica was a Hooters waitress in Cleveland when she met the slugger and eventually fell in love enough to get married and have a daughter, Josie Canseco, who has gone on to do some socialite modeling and IG things. Jessica has yet to say anything on IG about these allegations.

Eventually, Jose said he was willing to take a polygraph over these allegations, but not before challenging ARod to a boxing or MMA event. I know, it’s all quite a weird twist how things went down. Maybe it was daylight savings that threw off Jose.

Here’s Jessica Canseco:

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