Jose Canseco Has Some Thoughts On Aaron Judge

I feel like it’s been a while since we got a solid Twitter rant from Jose Canseco. We used to get them all the time on topics ranging from Aliens to American Idol to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and everything in-between.
His baseball tweets are the best because it always circles back to how he used to (and still can) blast baseballs into orbit. He might give someone credit, but he’ll¬†always remind you of how great he is. It’s why Canseco is the best.
Last night he had some takes on Aaron Judge and boy were they hot. I mean SCORCHING. Let’s take a look:

Oh, Judge hits balls far in BP? Big whoop.

Here comes the hottest of takes

And to summarize

Well, now we have to see this, right? Off-season home run derby, Judge vs. Canseco, baseballs vs. softballs. Give Jose some time to juice back up and we have a primetime event for ESPN “The Ocho”. I just created gold television.

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