Jose Canseco Wants To Take You Alien Hunting

There was a time several years ago when I tried to schedule an excursion to Vegas to hang out with Jose Canseco for a day and see just how wacky it is living this life of his that included mowing his lawn at like midnight and a house full of all sorts of animals. I’m pretty sure he’s no longer in a relationship with Leila Knight, the woman that would send me pics of Jose mowing and that’s probably for the best. Leila has since turned lesbian and says she’s married to some woman named Shannon.

As for the excursion, it never happened. Life got in the way and Jose kinda slowed down with the whole Twitter thing he had going on.

Well, now he’s back and there is a new angle that has caught my attention — going alien and Big Foot hunting with Jose or do something much more interesting like going golfing with the Bash Brother who put up 462 dongs and pretty much got the steroid era rolling. While the alien stuff would be funny for about 10 minutes, something tells me going to Vegas with a a couple buddies and then golfing with Jose would be at least 5 hours of laughter.

My only concern is that something crazy would happen, we’d end up on TMZ and at some point there would be a lawsuit and I’d have to be in a Vegas courtroom. I’d probably have to take a lawyer with me and record everything. But it’s something I’m thinking about, pending the cost. I know Jose is a big timer and isn’t giving these experiences on the cheap. I’m still efforting a price to see if it’s even manageable.

I’m not sure this is going well for Jose:

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