Want To Compete In A Home Run Derby Against Jose Canseco?

via Jose Canseco/Twitter

There are genius ideas and then there are ideas like a sports collectable shop hiring Jose Canseco to do a signing and home run derby where people paying a minimum of $29 to get a Jose autograph will be entered to win a spot in the derby. Bricks and Ivy Sports in Hoopeston, Illinois are holding the event this weekend and Jose will face-off against at least three contestants in what I assume will be a slaughter.

Tiny Hoopeston, IL (pop. 5,300) near the Indiana/Illinois line will be the center of the Home Run Derby universe Saturday as Jose, 54, pulls out the aluminum at a municipal park that sits 110 miles south of Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago and a few more miles than that from Wrigley Field.

According to Bricks and Ivy Sports, there are a couple ways to get into the derby.

Simply buy a ticket to our autograph session and you will be entered automatically.  One VIP ticket winner and one regular ticket winner will be chosen to complete.  We will auction off a third spot in the derby to the highest bidder.

There’s no word what you’ll win if you beat the Bash Brother in the Derby. Maybe Jose will take you on a Vegas alien hunting expedition.


Love this idea…small town…controversial figure coming to town…people will go nuts to compete against Jose. The problem seems to be how many people are willing to drop $29 for the autograph and possible derby spot. Seems like a limited amount of people in that tiny town will care enough to spend the money. Maybe I’m underestimating that town’s love of celebrity/sport.

It’s already amazing that a town that size still has a baseball card shop in 2019.

It’s going to be impossible for some local to beat Jose…look at the bombs he’s been dropping. He’s in mid-season softball form while it’s barely spring in Hoopeston, IL.

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