Jose Canseco Says His Bobblehead Is A Pre-Steroid Version Of Himself


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Last night, the Oakland A’s had Jose Canseco in town for his own bobblehead night and to throw out the first pitch, which was surprising to me because I was pretty sure every MLB team he played for had basically blackballed him. Jose burned so many bridges after his career was over that I never thought anyone would actually honor him.

But the A’s did, and good for them because Jose is awesome. He threw a knuckleball as his first pitch and was dead serious about it.

“It danced.”

After the game, he gave his opinion on his bobblehead to the Washington Post and answered in classic Canseco fashion.

“It’s pretty good, it’s pretty accurate. It looks like the pre-Steroid-era bobblehead, though,” he said. “It’s got me kind of skinny. If it would have been the Steroid-era it would have me more beefed up. It looks more like the ‘86 bobblehead.”

Next year we better see a yolked up, 1995 version of Canseco who hit balls to the moon.

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