Jose Canseco Slams Rob Manfred About HOF Voting And PED Users On Twitter


Jose Canseco

There are few things better on the internet than when Jose Canseco gets his Twitter juices flowing and let’s loose on people. Last night he skipped over the time travel talk and alien tweets in order to go after MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred, about Hall of Fame voting and steroid users. Basically, he’s asking for a new system where either HOF worthy PED users all get in or all don’t.

Seems like a pretty reasonable argument. Either let them all in or don’t let any of them in. Only problem here is that Commissioner Manfred has zero control over who can get in or not. The baseball writers vote on this stuff.

The rant goes on for a while and even mentions his old buddy Mark McGwire.

Don’t give him what he wants. I never want Jose to go away. He’s still in the top 5 most entertaining people on Twitter.


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