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Aug 7, 2016

Dutch Cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten Suffers Nasty Spill

33-year-old Dutch cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten looked to be on her way to her first Olympic gold medal during today’s...

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Aug 7, 2016

USA Women’s Rugby Player Delivers The Biggest Hit Of 2016

The women’s Rugby Seven’s tournament is in full swing at the Olympics with games being played yesterday, today, and will...

Aug 7, 2016

Rory McIlroy Has Responded To The Irish Boxers Who Taunted Him On Twitter

Rory McIlroy took a beating on Twitter yesterday and Friday when two Irish boxers came out of nowhere and dropped...

Aug 6, 2016

This Rio Bathroom Has A Very Specific List Of Do’s And Don’ts

Rio already has enough things to worry about as it is. You know like terrorism and deadly diseases. Well, you...

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Aug 6, 2016

The Internet Went Nuts Over Tonga’s Oiled Up Flag Bearer

The Olympics Opening Ceremony is an event where athletes from all across the globe get their first taste of the...

Darya Klishina Hottest Photos — Russian Long Jumper

One reason the Olympics are great is because beautiful women from all across the globe meet in one place to...

Aug 5, 2016

Here’s Your Unofficial 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony Drinking Game

In case you’ve been caught up in all of the gripping NFL training camp stories over the last week and...

Aug 5, 2016

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Aug 2, 2016

Meet Tonia Couch — British Olympic Diver

Great Britain has no shortage of talent competing in diving at the Summer Olympics with 11 qualified competitors, but the...

Jul 29, 2016

Meet Rossella Fiamingo — Italian Fencer

Good reason to watch fencing.

Jul 27, 2016

Meet Klára Spilková — Czech Republic Golfer

The Czech Republic will have one lone representative competing in Women’s golf at the Rio Olympics — Klára Spilková. Obviously...

Jul 25, 2016

Meet Melanie Leupolz — German Soccer Player

Might have to watch Germany's games.

Jul 25, 2016

Meet Yulia Timoshinina – Russian Olympic Diver

Yulia Timoshinina won’t get one of those sappy profile segments on NBC because, well, she’s a Russian diver who’ll be...

Jul 24, 2016

Meet Jaqueline Carvalho, The Hottest Volleyball Player Participating In The Olympics

Being the hottest volleyball player in the Olympics is a title not given out lightly, but I think I found...

Feb 18, 2014

The Best Of Sochi Olympic GIFs

Haven’t really been paying attention to the Olympics? That’s cool, because some dude in his apartment has been making GIFs...

Feb 17, 2014

Swiss Biathlete Selina Gasparin Earns 10th Place After Finish Line Faceplant

    The only reason I was still watching today’s women’s 12.5km biathlon at the Sochi Olympics was because Chad...

Feb 12, 2014

BBC’s Clare Balding Drops This Gay Double Luge Dig On Putin

BBC’s Clare Balding has reported from five Olympic Games and is rather respected in the world of British sports. She’s...

Feb 12, 2014

Jackie Chamoun – Naked Photos Surface Of Olympian

Lebanese Olympic skier Jackie Chamoun is angry that old naked photos she shot years ago have now surfaced as she...

Feb 11, 2014

Slopestyle Skier Kaya Turski Didn’t Nail This Landing, Gets Drug Tested

As you can see from the tape delayed NBC coverage of today’s slopestyle competition, Canadian Kaya Turski had a rough...

Feb 11, 2014

NBC Sports Olympic Anchor Julie Donaldson Is A Former Miss Florida USA

For viewers who aren’t following the Olympics with pink-eyed Bob Costas in primetime, NBC features various live programming and updates...