Curling Superstar Anastasia Bryzgalova Took a Fall During the Bronze Medal Match Against Norway

Without a doubt, Russia’s Anastasia Bryzgalova is one of the breakout stars of the Winter Olympics. That’s just how it goes when you’re an expert in a random-ass game like curling and look like an Angelina Jolie clone. And she solidified her newfound celebrity on Tuesday by winning the bronze medal with her partner (and husband) Alexander Krushelnitskiy over Norway.

8-4 may seem like an easy win for the Olympic Athletes from Russia, but there was a scary moment during the match when Anastasia backed into a stone and tumbled. Fortunately she didn’t shred her knee or bounce her head on the ice:

“There is nothing greater. We came here to win an Olympic medal and today we managed to do this!” Anastasia said after capturing the first medal ever in mixed-doubles curling (via World Curling Federation).