Meet Madison Hubbell – American Figure Skater

From some reason, the Winter Olympics this time around doesn’t have nearly the hype that previous ones have. Maybe it’s the lack of star power or the lack of NHL players playing in hockey, but I don’t think people are as nearly invested as they have been in the past.

HOWEVA, figure skating still plays no matter who is competing. Put Johnny and Tara in the booth and put it on primetime and people will watch. It’s sort of like the gymnastics of the winter games. People love it. Last night was the Opening Ceremonies and right off the bat for the first primetime night, they’re giving the people what they want. You’ll be getting figure skating live across all time zones.

So that means it’s about time we introduce you to a figure skater. We’ll start with one of our own, Madison Hubbell, she’s a pairs skater and first-time Olympian.

More from Madison’s Bio:

Starting off the Olympic season, Hubbell and Donohue won at the U.S. International Classic in September. Then, they earned a bronze medal at their Grand Prix assignment in Canada and a silver at their Japan assignment. They qualified for the Grand Prix Final, where they finished fourth by a slim margin. They won their first U.S. national title in January and were named to the 2018 Olympic team.

Here’s another interesting tid bit…she used to date her partner

But they decided to split to focus on winning medals. These are the kind of people I want playing for my team.

From Time:

While Madison Hubbell and Zach Donohue are no longer together, the pair dated for two-and-a-half years despite initially not liking one another as partners on the ice. Ahead of the intense preparation for the 2018 Winter Games, the ice dancing pair decided it was best to split up. In an interview with Team USA, Zach explained it like this: “To work harder and do all of these things right, we just realized that to date and be with each other 24-7 with our particular personalities was just explosive,” Hubbell said, “and we weren’t able to keep our focus where it needed to be. We had to ask ourselves what was more important, our on-ice partnership or our off-ice relationship? And we were both very clearly said the on-ice partnership is No. 1.”