Australian Clara Smith Is World’s Hottest Race Walker

BC readers amaze me day after day. Did I know that there was some IG superstar Australian race walker named Clara Smith who was tearing up the Gram? No clue. These things just get DM’d to me and athletes like Clara are superstars across Europe. All I have to do is determine that Clara Smith is the World’s Hottest Race Walker and some European newspaper will run with it.

That’s exactly what happened when I posted Alica Schmidt, a German national sprinter. German sites picked up on the post and she became a superstar during the fall. I got a message from some newspaper reporter telling me how Alica got so big overnight that she hired an agent and now has all sorts of marketing deals.

Then there was Tay Clark, the Australian triple jumper who still holds the World’s Hottest Triple Jumper title. She’s been rolling along on IG and nearing 79k followers.

Clara Smith joins the ranks of world athletes who will cash in from debuting right here. Twitter nerds try to crush us for covering this beat, but it’s just jealousy. They’re jealous that they can’t live this blogging life. There’s something going on in their heads where they think it’s irresponsible to cover which foreign athlete will be the next breakout star.

And I don’t care. We’ll stay in our lane.

Clara’s bio:

• 19

• Ranked 9th in Australian race walking

• University of Queensland student studying engineering

• 20km personal best: 1:39:44 hrs

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Career change 💚💛

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