Meet Russian Curler Anastasia Bryzgalova

With football season in the rearview mirror, it’s officially time to get amped not for the NBA, NHL, or college hoops… but CURLING at the Winter Olympics! Yep. That sport you have to reteach yourself every four years is already underway in Pyeongchang.
As always, we here at BC recommend checking out the Russian team, aka the Olympic Athletes of Russia, for one simple reason: they always have a team loaded with smokes. 2018 appears to be no different with Anastasia Bryzgalova, who is competing in mixed doubles with her husband, Alexander Krushelnitskiy.
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Anastasia and Alexander suffered their first loss to Americans Matt and Becca Hamilton in an interesting married couple-sibling opening battle. NPR notes the Russian team gifted the Americans a stuffed bear, so things appeared to be cordial.
Sidenote: In a shock to no one, Anastasia is turning Americans.

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