Meet Silje Norendal – Norwegian Olympic Snowboarder

Looking for a snowboarding Olympian that isn’t American, isn’t going to get time on NBC because she’s not American and yet she’s a Rockstar Energy athlete to root for?  Silje Norendal is your snowboarder. She might as well be American. I’ve gone through the IG account. Silje is more American than 80% of the American women on IG who act like they’re from Dubai or some other foreign land with huge oil reserves.
From her NBC Olympics profile:

  • 3-time X Games slopestyle gold medalist (Tignes 2013; Aspen 2014, 2015)
  • 2017 X Games Norway big air gold medalist
  • 2017 World Championships big air bronze medalist

Olympic experience
Norendal entered the 2014 Winter Olympics as one of the top medal favorites in women’s slopestyle, but once she got to Sochi, she struggled with an illness. After reaching the final, she placed just 11th.
Had she not become a professional snowboarder, perhaps Norendal could have ended up at the summer Olympics as a handball player. She used to be an avid player of the sport when she was younger. Outside of sports, Norendal has participated in a number of photoshoots and has been featured in magazines.

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